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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Release Notes: August 13th, 2015

By LaughingTrendy | Wed 12 Aug 2015 05:45:46 PM PDT


  • “Broken Circle” has been made into a level 60 episode and moved into the Iconian War tab in the journal.
  • The new Featured Episode “Butterfly” has been added to the Featured Episode tab in the journal.
    • This episode can be played by captains who are level 10 or higher.
  • The NPC ears for Preservers can no longer be used by players.
  • Added "Next" and "Previous" page buttons to the Armada Roster list.

Server Performance:

  • Resolved an issue which was causing lag during gameplay when using powers.
    • This also includes the lag experienced with button response when clicking on powers during combat.
  • Resolved issues causing memory leaks which occasionally led to crashes.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing graphics related crashes when launching STO.
  • Several individual player powers have been re-built to reduce their impact on server performance.
    • For all of these rebuilt powers, the functionality that players experience has remained completely unaffected, though some tooltips may be displaying differently.
    • The list of abilities updated in this pass includes:
      • Assault Squad Officer that grants Point Defense Turret to Boarding Parties
      • Attack Pattern: Beta
      • Delta Reputation Tier 4 Offensive Enhanced Rending Shots
      • Directed Energy Modulation
      • Kemocite-Laced Weaponry
      • Reroute Reserves to Weapons
      • Shield Distribution Officer that restores Hull while under the effects of Attack Pattern: Beta
      • Suppression Barrage
      • The Space Trait "Intense Focus"
      • The Space Trait "Positive Feedback Loop"


  • XP Fleet Bonuses are now applied when collecting PvE queue rewards.
  • The Temporal Lockbox consoles will no longer be displayed twice in the item set text.
  • Resolved an issue where the Temporal Distortion Field console ability would not reduce the caster's damage.
  • Focused Singularity Beam:
    • Resolved an issue that could cause this power to deactivate prematurely in situations where there is high latency.
    • Increased this power's arc from 90 degrees to 135 degrees to improve its usability.
  • Intelligence Fleet now affects players only.
    • No longer affects Hangar Pets, Mines, Torpedoes, Turrets, etc.
    • Intelligence Fleet may not be activated while under the effects of a teammates' Intelligence Fleet.
  • Boost Morale no longer affects Hangar Pets, Mines, Torpedoes, etc.
  • Borg Space Enemies: Instead of the "Assimilate Ship" debuff lingering after the Borg that cast it is killed, it will now end shortly after the caster is destroyed.
  • Go Down Fighting: Damage Resistance component no longer requires outgoing damage, and no longer stacks, but has been increased from +5 to +20.
    • Tooltips for this ability have been improved to clarify its functionality.
  • R&D Special Consumable Projects:
    • Removed "x5" from project titles.
    • Updated descriptions on all of these items to indicate that players will receive 5x on a Success and 10x on a Critical Success.
    • All new R&D consumables now have Activation FX/Sound FX.
    • Resolved an issue with the Projectile Schools' consumables, Kinetic Amplifiers, so that they properly work with Torpedoes and Mines.

Known Issues:

  • Vaadwaur Split Bolt and Vaadwaur Assault Debilitator weapons do not gain the correct [Mod]s at Ultrarare and Gold quality upgrades.
  • Some players are not able to reclaim the Breen Chel Grett and the Dyson Science Destroyer.

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