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Star Trek Online

Release Notes: April 22nd 2015

By LaughingTrendy | Tue 21 Apr 2015 05:18:35 PM PDT


  • Resolved an issue which would occasionally cause maps to crash.
  • Resolved an issue which was blocking players from being able to apply the new Xindi lockbox Bridge Officer powers Kemocite-Laced Weaponry, Structural Integrity Collapse, and Subspace Vortex.
  • Resolved an issue which was blocking the ability to complete the mission “Report to Battle Group Omega”.
  • Resolved an issue where Tom Paris did not have the correct sound effect when speaking through a communicator in the episode “Delta Flight”.
  • Resolved an issue where crafting nodes were not in the correct places throughout the Delta Quadrant.
  • Resolved an issue where the Jenolan Sphere would take players to the old sector map before placing them into the correct one.
  • Resolved an issue in “Delta Flight” where the cutscene which occurs when flying through the rings towards an asteroid plays multiple times when players are teamed.

Known Issues:

  • Some items are missing in a player’s Account Bank, Fleet Bank, Exchange, and Mail.
    • There is a fix currently being worked on for this and no items will be permanently lost.
  • Foundry functions will temporarily not be available when Season 10: The Iconian War goes to Holodeck on 4/21/15.
  • The Radiant Antiproton Pulsewave Assault Weapon is missing audio effects.
  • Occasionally, when accepting a new Episode, the sub tasks under the episode name will not initially appear in the mission tracker.
    • In order to make these appear, the player can open the journal and either clear or make the episode the primary mission or transfer maps.
  • KDF players do not appear in the scoreboard at the end of a PVP match.

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