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Star Trek Online

Delta Recruitment Rewards

By LaughingTrendy | Mon 30 Mar 2015 12:00:00 PM PDT

Delta Recruitment Rewards

When the Delta Recruitment Event goes live on April 2, players will be given the opportunity to explore much of the existing content of Star Trek Online in an all new way – through the eyes of an important member of the ongoing war effort against the Iconians, and as the sponsored recruit of a mysterious benefactor.

Alongside new mission objectives, dialogue options, and new story options, players will be earning valuable rewards for both their Delta Recruit characters, as well as all characters on their Account.

A few of our primary reward-centric goals when designing this system were:

  1. Bridge the gap between the leveling experiences of a new player vs. that of a veteran that has extensive resources from many years of playing STO.
  2. Reward players’ existing characters for the actions taken on their Delta Recruit, and the time spent playing a character that is not their “Main.”

In the following Dev Blog, we’ll explain how the Delta Recruit system will attempt to meet both of those design goals.

Bridging the Gap

One of the most daunting aspects of joining an MMO that has been operating for several years is the economic gap between a new player’s ability to earn resources as compared to the vast stores of resources a veteran in that game may already possess. How this typically translates into the leveling process is that a new player has to struggle to keep their gear up-to-date, and afford luxuries and conveniences, while a veteran has it all handed down to them from the mature characters on their account. This process is frequently known as “twinking” in MMO parlance – equipping and supplying a new character with items and currency they could not otherwise obtain on their own.

In an effort to bridge this gap, Delta Recruits will, in essence, be experiencing a form of “self-twinking” wherein completing their specialized Delta Recruit tasks will provide them with substantial resources and rewards, comparable to what an established player would be able to supply to a new character.

Perhaps the most noteworthy rewards which bridge this gap are the free High-Quality Equipment sets you will be granted each time your Delta Recruit reaches a 10-level milestone (Level 10, 20, 30 and 40), as well as a “Reputation Jump-Start” package upon reaching level 50.

In the chart supplied at the end of this Blog, we will outline exactly what rewards Delta Recruits can expect to reap while they progress through the game and event. In addition to the Equipment and Reputation Jump-Start, they will be given large sums of Energy Credits, Dilithium Ore, Marks and more, for completing each task.

Reward the Account

We know that many (perhaps even most) of our players tend to prefer focusing their efforts on a single character on their account and funnel the vast majority of their available time and effort into progressing and improving that one character. When planning out the Delta Recruit experience, we wanted to try our best to ensure that this type of player will feel as though their time investment is still being rewarded in a manner that meets their preferences.

This is how we arrived at the decision to include Account-Wide Rewards as part of the progression of a Delta Recruit character.

Each time a Delta Recruit completes a particular task, a reward will be added to an Account Store accessible from the temporal agents located at the primary social hub for their faction (Earth Spacedock, Q’onoS or New Romulus Command). Once an Account-Wide Reward is unlocked, that reward will claimable once by every character on the Delta Recruit’s account. This includes characters created after the Delta Recruit event ends!

The majority of these rewards are numeric packages, intended to reward the player on a “time spent” basis. However, there are a few noteworthy rewards that Delta Recruits can unlock across your entire account, including a Starship Trait and unique Ground and Space Devices.

The chart below will detail the rewards that each character may claim, once per character.

Weekly Event Rewards

In addition to the Character- and Account-centric rewards, Delta Recruits will also be participating in the completion of weekly server-wide goals. Each of these goals is created with the intent of fostering a more thorough understanding of the game’s many features, by encouraging players to explore targeted aspects of gameplay.

Completing each Weekly Goal will kick off a Special Event on the subsequent week. These may include increased XP Gain, Dilithium earnings, and other similar bonuses.

Additionally, each Weekly Goal comes in multiple tiers. Completing the first goal should be relatively simple, and reliably reward all players with an extra mini-event for this easy completion. Completing Tiers 2 and 3 of the same Weekly Goal will require a concerted effort on the behalf of Delta Recruits, but the rewards are also greatly increased.

Only Delta Recruits can contribute to these Weekly Goals, but all characters can reap the benefits they unlock. Complete details of these goals and their associated rewards will be published in future Dev Blogs.


Chart of Rewards – By Goal


Delta Recruit Goal
Delta Recruit Reward
Account Reward


Complete the Tutorial
Delta Recruit Trait: Earn additional Dilithium Ore with each NPC defeated. Teammates also gain this benefit. ** Note: Trait only active during Delta Recruitment Event.


Reach Level 10

Choice of Mk IV Very Rare Equipment (* see footnote for choice details)

10 of any Reputation Mark

Reach Level 20

Choice of Mk VI Very Rare Equipment (* see footnote for choice details)

35 of any Reputation Mark

Reach Level 30

Choice of Mk VIII Very Rare Equipment (* see footnote for choice details)

100 of any Reputation Mark

Reach Level 40

Choice of Mk X Very Rare Equipment (* see footnote for choice details)

200 of any Reputation Mark

Reach Level 50

Reputation Jump-Start Pack: - 250 of Each Reputation Mark - 2x Delta Vanguard Tech Upgrades - 500,000 Energy Credits - 525,000 Expertise - 10,000 Reputation-Only Dilithium

500 of any Reputation Mark

Reach Level 1 in any R&D School

5 random R&D School Specialist Duty Officers and "Gumarre" (the Aegis R&D Specialist)

Equivalent crafting materials to 2x C-Store R&D Packs (minus catalysts) and a Small R&D XP Bonus Pool

Reach Level 5 in any R&D School

Set any one R&D School to Level 10

Equivalent crafting materials to 5x C-Store R&D Packs (minus catalysts) and a Large R&D XP Bonus Pool

Complete an Episode Arc

- 100 Fleet Marks - 1000 Dilithium Ore - 500,000 Energy Credits

- 100 Fleet Marks - 1000 Dilithium Ore

Complete Half of all Storyline Episodes

(Same as Account-Wide)

Starship Trait: "Temporal Insight" When activating a Hull Heal on self, gain 2sec of Damage Immunity (max once per 45sec)

Complete All Storyline Episodes (up to the start of the Dyson Sphere)

(Same as Account-Wide)

Starship Trait: "Improved Temporal Insight" When activating a Hull Heal on self, gain 4sec of Damage Immunity (max once per 45sec) ALSO: Photonic Engineering Bridge Officer Candidate (fully customizable!)

Join a Fleet

- 500 Fleet Marks - 50,000 Fleet-Only Dilithium - 100 of each Holding Commodity (Spire, Mine, Embassy) ** Note: Reward requires level 30

- 50 Fleet Marks - 5,000 Fleet-Only Dilithium

Gather All Iconian Information

(Same as Account-Wide)

Ground Device: "Paradox Corrector" Team-Wide Heal + Rez. Can be used while Defeated. 10min CD

Gather All Iconian Technology

(Same as Account-Wide)

Space Device: "Temporal Negotiator" Instantly reduce all Bridge Officer Cooldowns by 50%. 5min CD

Equipment Pack Details

All equipment contained in these packs is Bound-to-Character and has a 0 EC Sell Value. All assigned [Mod]s are static up to Purple Quality, and will be the same for every Delta Recruit character. This equipment can be Upgraded if you like, but will remain BoP and 0 value, and will gain random [Mod]s if the Quality increases.

At each Level Milestone (10, 20, 30 and 40) you may choose from one of the following four Equipment Packs:

  • Ground Equipment
    • All of the following:
      • Assault Rifle Ground Weapon
      • Energy Resistance Body Armor
      • Personal Shield Generator
      • Kit + Modules for All Slots (appropriate to Profession and Kit Slots)
  • Space Equipment
    • All of the following:
      • Deflector Dish (improves primarily Science Abilities)
      • Impulse Engine (+Turn)
      • Covariant Shield (+Cap)
      • Warp Core (or Singularity Core)
      • Torpedo(es) and Mine Launcher
        • FED/KDF = Photon
        • ROM = Plasma
  • Space Consoles
    • All of the following:
      • Shield Capacity Science Consoles
        • +1 Particle Generator Console @ Lvl 40
      • All Damage Resistance Engineering Consoles
        • +1 Turn Rate Console @ Lvl 40)
      • Energy Damage Tactical Consoles
        • Matches the primary energy type of your faction:
          • FED = Phaser
          • KDF = Disruptor
          • ROM = Plasma
    • The number of Consoles included increases at each Level Milestone, in an attempt to fully outfit your next tier of starship
  • Space Weapons
    • All of the following:
      • Beam Arrays
      • Dual Heavy Cannons
      • Turrets
    • Matches the primary energy type of your faction:
      • FED = Phaser
      • KDF = Disruptor
      • ROM = Plasma
    • The number of Weapons included increases at each Level Milestone, in an attempt to fully outfit your next tier of starship

Subject to Change

As with most of our announcements, please remember that all of the above reward details are subject to change at any time. We will do our best to communicate any changes that may occur between now and the conclusion of the Delta Recruit Event in a timely manner.


Q: What are “Fleet-Only Dilithium” and “Reputation-Only Dilithium”?

A: These are special Vouchers that fulfill the same purpose as existing Dilithium, but can only be used to fulfill Project requirements for the respective features, either Fleets or Reputations. These Dilithium Vouchers does not need to be refined, and cannot be traded for Zen. Projects that require Dilithium will deduct from the appropriate Voucher pool before deducting from your Refined Dilithium.

Q: If I play through the game as multiple different Delta Recruits, will I receive multiple copies of the listed rewards?

A: No. Each account-wide reward is unlocked only once. Once unlocked, every character on your account may claim the associated reward a single time.

Q: Is there a reason to create more than one Delta Recruit?

A: Some of the character-specific rewards, which are granted to every Delta Recruit, can be used to benefit your Fleet. And a few of the rewards, such as the Energy Credits you receive for completing each Story Arc, can be transferred to other characters on your account using your Account Bank. It is up to each player to determine if that is sufficient reward for their efforts.

Q: What happens if I create a Delta Recruit, but do not complete all of the listed Tasks?

A: Once a Delta Recruit completes their special Tutorial and receives their “Tesseract Communications Device” they will be free to complete the assigned tasks at any point in the future. Although Delta Recruit characters can only be created while the event is running, there is no time limit on the completion of the tasks, or their associated rewards.


Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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