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Star Trek Online

Incident At Mol’Rihan Center

By LaughingTrendy | Tue 24 Mar 2015 12:00:00 PM PDT


After Incident Debrief – Arbiter S'pen Kellek
Location: Mol'Rihan Detention Center


ARBITER KELLEK: I just want you to know I had nothing to do with this. She didn't tell me anything.

INTERVIEWER: Yes, we understand. We're just trying to get all the facts.

ARBITER KELLEK: You have to believe me. I didn't want to be her counsel. I didn't ask for this assignment. I didn't help her!

INTERVIEWER: You sound upset. Why?

ARBITER KELLEK: Because I'm probably going to end up in prison for something I didn't do!

INTERVIEWER: No one's on trial here. I'm simply getting your story. Now, in your own words, what happened?

ARBITER KELLEK: I was assigned as Sela's legal counsel three days ago. Like I said, I didn't ask for this assignment. In fact, I think she should rot for the rest of her days. All the things she did to our people, to my family … I'm from Cirini Prime. Her forces blockaded us for months before the Federation came.

INTERVIEWER: I understand your frustration. You said you were appointed as her legal counsel?

ARBITER KELLEK: Yes. She … she has the right to a defense, no matter what my personal feelings are. I believe that. So when I was asked to take her case, I agreed to do so.

INTERVIEWER: And then what happened?

ARBITER KELLEK: Not much. I met with her at the detention facility twice before the initial hearing. The first time I just explained the process to her. She didn't have any questions, but she did thank me for my efforts on her behalf.

INTERVIEWER: And how did that make you feel?

ARBITER KELLEK: Like I needed a sonic shower.

INTERVIEWER: And the second meeting?

ARBITER KELLEK: It was right before she was transported to the Hall of Justice for the initial hearing. I told her that the charges would be read and she would have the opportunity to enter a plea and see which justices had been selected for the panel, but that no testimony would be heard.

INTERVIEWER: Then what happened?

ARBITER KELLEK: She asked if she could bring the book she was reading with her to the court. I told her that it wouldn't be necessary, but she said that "democratic theater" was slow and uninteresting and she would need something to pass the time.

INTERVIEWER: And you agreed?

ARBITER KELLEK: What harm could her having a PADD do? I had three with me during our conversation. So I had a guard get it from her cell and give it to her.

The only thing clear to me at that point was that she wouldn't be taking an active role in her defense. Sela thought the verdict was a foregone conclusion.

INTERVIEWER: And what did you think?

ARBITER KELLEK: I think my client is guilty of unspeakable war crimes. I think the majority of the Republic would like five minutes alone with her in a room with no cameras and a Klingon pain stick. But it was still my job to ensure the process was fair.

INTERVIEWER: What happened next?

ARBITER KELLEK: I walked with her and her guards to the transporter pad. I told her that she would be transported directly to the Hall of Justice, and that I would follow after her. Then she … she smiled.

INTERVIEWER: Sela smiled at you?

ARBITER KELLEK: She smiled and said "that won't be necessary." Then she touched her PADD, and I heard her say "Gaius, I'm ready." Then she was just … gone.


ARBITER KELLEK: Transported! Gone! She never made it to the Hall of Justice. We never activated the transport! Someone else did it! She's gone!

INTERVIEWER: Calm down. No one is accusing you of helping her.

ARBITER KELLEK: But she's gone. And I've been in this room for more than six hours now. When do I get to go home?


Republic Intelligence Notes:

Sela was transported off planet at 0745 hours, just as Arbiter Kellek reports. When she arrived in the transporter room at the detention center, it was the first time she had been in an area without that was not covered by transport inhibitors and subspace blockers since her arrival on New Romulus.

It's obvious now she was waiting for that opportunity, and that she had allies both in orbit and at the detention center. One of Sela's guards, a Lieutenant Seken, is currently missing, and the PADD she was using had been altered to allow subspace transmissions. We are investigating Seken's ties to imperial loyalists, and have determined that he has a nephew who serves on a Romulan Star Navy vessel.

We do not know Sela's location at this time; although we think she is still in Romulan space. A shuttle is missing from the R.R.W. Lleiset, and we believe it was used in Sela's escape. Commander Jarok is cooperating with the investigation.

We've locked down the detention center and all media transmissions off planet. D'Tan is currently meeting with representatives of the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and he will address the Senate in closed session in an hour. We've announced that Sela's hearing will be delayed, but under no circumstances can we let the news become public knowledge.

We have no idea how many people in our Republic are loyal to that monster. If we can't recapture her, it could mean war.

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