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Star Trek Online

Debriefing Session 28

By LaughingTrendy | Thu 19 Mar 2015 12:00:00 PM PDT


  • Debriefing Session 28
  • Location: Mol'Rihan Detention Center, Maximum Security

Subject was brought to the briefing room at 0830 hours. Per normal protocol, she was restrained and accompanied by two armed guards at all times.

Note: Lieutenant Seken was observed speaking to subject when they entered the interrogation room. Recommend he be reassigned and have no further contact with subject.

Interview lasted for approximately three hours. During most of that time, subject gave no response to questions. This has been her normal behavior over the past several weeks.

Silence. Always silence.

Today, however, subject attempted to bargain. Relevant portions of the interview are below:

INTERVIEWER: Today I want to talk about your time with the Iconians. At the time of your capture, you indicated that you had been a hostage of the Iconians.

SUBJECT: I was not captured. I escaped an Iconian prison. I needed your ship to leave.

INTERVIEWER: So you maintain you were a hostage?

SUBJECT: For the purpose of conversation, yes. Let's say I was.

INTERVIEWER: So you have never been an ally of the Iconians.

SUBJECT: I wouldn't go that far.

INTERVIEWER: So you are working with the Iconians?

SUBJECT: I didn't say that, either.

INTERVIEWER: So what are you saying?

SUBJECT: Whether I was captured or rescued by the Iconians is immaterial. You're asking the wrong questions. Always the wrong questions.

INTERVIEWER: So what should I be asking?

SUBJECT: You should be asking what I know about the Iconians now.

INTERVIEWER: And if I asked that, you would tell me?

SUBJECT: No … not with that attitude.

INTERVIEWER: You are a prisoner of the Romulan Republic, awaiting trial for war crimes. My attitude, as you deem it, is not your concern.

SUBJECT: Very well. I am a prisoner of war. I request treatment due someone of my status.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean?

SUBJECT: I have had no access to legal counsel, as you well know. I am not allowed visitors or adequate recreation time. I am not even given reading material in my cell, and counting the ceiling tiles has become … tiresome.

INTERVIEWER: Cooperate, and I'm sure we can arrange any reasonable accommodations for your … status.

SUBJECT: There you go, changing the rules. If I am a prisoner of war, as you said, then the treaties your government abides by afford me certain rights. If I am not, then I am just your hostage. Does your democratic government keep many such hostages?

INTERVIEWER: The Romulan Republic is not under interrogation here!

SUBJECT: Neither am I.

At that point, subject asked for access to legal counsel. I refused. She then asked for a PADD so she could write messages to counsel. I refused. She is to have no contact with the outside world. She then suggested pen and paper. I refused. In her hands, a pen could be a weapon.  

I have agreed to give her a selection of reading material on a PADD locked from read/write access. We should consider her other requests, as well as the inquiry from the Federation ambassador about her treatment, with an eye toward security.

She is dangerous. We cannot let her out.

Discuss in the forums.

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