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Star Trek Online

Tier 6 Jem'Hadar Strike Ship Stats

By LaughingTrendy | Wed 04 Mar 2015 12:00:00 PM PST

For a limited time, we will berunning a promotion that will provide an additional bonus when opening a Research and Development Pack.

When you purchase a Research and Development Pack from the C-Store and open it, you will receive either 10 Lobi Crystals or a Jem’Hadar Strike Ship, in addition to the Research and Development Pack.

Jem’Hadar Strike Ship [T6]

The Tier 6 Jem'Hadar Strike Ship is an enhanced version of the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship which was a staple ship of the Dominion fleet. These ships are the most sophisticated craft in the Dominion’s fleet. The Jem'Hadar Strike Ship was built for covert operations and fleet support. It possesses incredible maneuverability with a surprising degree of durability for a ship of its size.

This Tier 6 Jem'Hadar Attack Ship variant features both a Lieutenant Commander Tactical/Intel hybrid specialist seat and a Lieutenant Universal/Command hybrid specialist seat.

Ship Details

  • Tier: 6
  • Rank Required: Rear Admiral / Brigadier General / Subadmiral
  • Availability: Jem’Hadar R&D Promotion
  • Hull Strength: 34,500 at level 40, 39,675 at level 50 and 46,000 at level 60
  • Shield Modifier: 1
  • Crew: 50
  • Weapons: 4 Fore, 3 Aft
  • Device Slots: 2
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Commander Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical/Intel, 1 Ensign Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal, 1 Lieutenant Universal/Command
  • Console Modifications: 5 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 20 degrees per second
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.22
  • Inertia: 70
  • +15 Weapon Power and +5 Engine Power
  • Can load Dual Cannons
  • Console - Universal – Dominion Defense Screen
  • Starship Mastery Package (Escort)
    • Precise Weapon Systems
    • Tactical Maneuvering
    • Enhanced Weapon Systems
    • Devastating Weaponry
    • Go for the Kill (Starship Trait)

Console – Universal – Dominion Defense Screen

The Jem'Hadar Strike Ship comes equipped with a Dominion Defense Screen console.  This special console cross-links your weapon and shield power conduits to overcharge your shields.  While overcharged, your shields will be nearly impenetrable and regenerate at an incredible rate.  However, firing weapons can rapidly reduce the duration of this effect. 

Additionally, while equipped this console provides a modest passive boost to both critical hit chance and critical hit damage.  This bonus is always active.

This Console Mod can be equipped in any console slot, but may only be used on Jem'Hadar vessels.  You may only equip one of these mods on any single ship.

Go for the Kill (Starship Trait)

After achieving level 5 in your Jem'Hadar Strike Ship's starship mastery, you will unlock the Go for the Kill starship trait. While this trait is slotted, critical Hits extend duration of active Cannon: Rapid Fire by 3 seconds. May occur once every 5 seconds.

Dominion Console Set Bonuses

The following consoles are part of the Dominion Space set:

  • Console - Universal - Dominion Command Interface
  • Console - Universal - Dominion Coordination Protocol
  • Console - Universal - Dominion Defense Screen

Equipping multiple Dominion starship consoles will provide set bonuses:

  • 2 pc:
    • Dominion Tactical Maneuvering
      • Fleet Maneuver Gamma now provides an Accuracy and Defense buff to your allies
    • Dominion Precision
      • Minor passive boost to both Accuracy and Defense
  • 3 pc:
    • Defense Screen Efficiency
      • Your Dominion Defense Screen no longer has its duration reduced when you attack
    • Dominion Enhanced Armaments
      • Moderate passive boost to all damage

The Jem'Hadar Strike Ship has a brand new customizable appearance, and while we’re excited to introduce the new Jem’Hadar Strike Ship design and bring the Dominion into the 25th century, Captains who prefer the look of the original Jem’Hadar Attack Ship need not worry, the original visuals of the Attack Ship will be available on your new Strike Ship as well. Additionally, Captains will be able to swap parts between the two designs if they so choose! This starship also features the Jem’Hadar Bridge!

NOTE: The above stats and systems are subject to change.

Phil “Gorngonzolla” Zeleski
Lead Systems Designer
Star Trek Online


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