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Star Trek Online

Vaadwaur Lock Box - Overview

By LaughingTrendy | Wed 28 Jan 2015 10:30:00 AM PST

The recent re-emergence of the Vaadwaur Supremacy caught the entire Delta Quadrant by surprise. Brave captains from all factions have stepped up just in time to defend against this renewed threat from the past, and are constantly pushing back against their ongoing onslaughts.

When first encountered by U.S.S. Voyager, the technology of the Vaadwaur was outdated by modern standards, and therefore not a significant threat to the galaxy, despite the species obvious proclivities for expansionism and empire-building. Since then, intelligence reports have had to be drastically updated, as the Vaadwaur have found a way to empower their ships and weaponry with previously unknown and extremely potent power sources.

Fortunately, this Vaadwaur technology is relatively easy to use, despite its mysterious inner workings. Profiteers and salvagers have scoured the recent sites of conflict and retrieved many useful pieces, both for use in the continued defense of the Delta Quadrant, and to assist in the continued study of their origins.

Although the Vaadwaur were a minor player in the overall story of Voyager’s return to Federation Space, it was already hinted that the crew “hadn’t seen the last of them” after the events of their encounter in “Dragon’s Teeth” (VOY 6x07). When we began imagining adversaries that players could plan on facing during their exploration of the Delta Quadrant, the Vaadwaur came up as a top contender due primarily to their similarities with other primary adversaries the players were already facing down.

An ancient race, desperate to reclaim the glory of their once-great empire, and subjugate or destroy any that would stand in their way - sound familiar? (HINT: It rhymes with “schimonians.”)

The response we have seen to players’ interactions with the Vaadwaur enemy group has been overwhelmingly positive since the launch of Delta Rising. From their tactics to their equipment and visual effects, and even right down to their wardrobe, players have almost unanimously voiced support and admiration for their newfound nemeses. It was always our intent to give players the opportunity to obtain some of these unique assets, and we’re thrilled with the excitement we’ve already seen for such a prospect. With the release of the Vaadwaur Lock Box, we’re finally bringing those plans to fruition.

As with the Delta Expedition Lock Box, we are offering players the chance to obtain a Tier 6 starship with each Vaadwaur Lock Box that is opened. The Vaadwaur Manasa Assault Escort [T6], which shares the visual appearance of the NPC “Assault Vessel” and “Scout Vessel,” is a nimble ship with a focus on Tactical seating and consoles. This ship has an Intelligence Hybrid Bridge Officer Seat, and comes equipped with the well-known Polaron Barrage console, seen frequently in use by Vaadwaur in space combat.

Finishing the Starship Mastery path on the Vaadwaur Manasa Assault Escort [T6] will grant Captains access to the following Starship Trait:

Frontal Assault

  • Activate any Cannon-enhancing ability (Rapid Fire, Scatter Volley, Surgical Strikes) provides a boost to your Shield Hardness and Shield Regeneration along your forward shield arc.

We are also adding the Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser [T6] to the Lobi Crystal Store. This imposing starship, which shares its appearance with the “Heavy Artillery Vessel,” focuses more on survivability than its nimble counterpart, but still maintains a strong focus on offensive firepower. It features a Command Hybrid Bridge Officer Seat, and comes equipped with the Assault Mode Relays console. This console can be activated to deploy additional stabilizing thrusters, improving the ship’s ability to land powerful critical hits, at the cost of maneuverability while active. When activated on the Manasa Escort, this trade-off is less severe (both in benefit and detriment), but it also engages additional forward-facing shield improvements. When used on the Astika Battlecruiser, the cycle completes by sending out a sensor-jamming pulse that blinds nearby foes upon deactivation.

Finishing the Starship Mastery path on the Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser [T6] will grant Captains access to the following Starship Trait:


  • Gain a small boost to all Subsystem Power any time you damage an enemy while under the effects of “Beam: Fire-at-Will” or “Cannon: Scatter Volley.” This boost stacks up to 20 times.

In addition to these Tier 6 starships, each Vaadwaur Lock Box also has a chance of rewarding a Tier 5 starship – the APU Cruiser. This vessel boasts a strong focus on defense, while maintaining a versatile bridge officer seating arrangement. Players can choose to utilize either the Pralor or Cravic materials when flying this vessel. It can be upgraded to T5-U with the use of a Ship Upgrade Token.


Also appearing on the Lobi Crystal Store will be the Vaadwaur Pythus Fighter. This stylish small craft utilizes the classic visual appearance of the Vaadwaur, as seen in Voyager. Every Pythus Fighter comes pre-equipped with a 360-degree Vaadwaur Polaron Emitter Array, and has integrated access to Cannon Scatter Volley I.

(Complete descriptions and stats for each of these starships will be posted in a separate Dev Blog)

Players will also have a chance to outfit any existing starship with a Salvaged Console: Vaadwaur Anchor Drone. This powerful technology seen in use by many Vaadwaur captains is capable of immobilizing even the largest and most powerful starships, though it is subject to being destroyed.


A new set of Genetic Sequencer (Trait Unlocks) can be obtained from this Lock Box, each exemplifying an aspect of the Vaadwaur’s tactics and capabilities. Each of the following four (4) Trait Packs will offer thematic new options to captains:

GROUND - Sniper

  • Damage Bonus for All Weapons, based on Range:  5% Bonus at 20m, up to 25% at 40m
  • (Half Bonus vs. Players)

SPACE - Anchored

  • While Stationary, gain 1 stack of “Anchored” every 5 sec (4 stacks max)
  • Per Stack of Anchored, +5% All Damage Bonus and -5 All Damage Resistance Rating

GROUND - Bombardier

  • +10% Bonus Kinetic Damage
  • 2x Distance for all non-Weapon Knockback Effects

SPACE / SECTOR - Lead Foot

  • While in Slipstream:  +25% Turn Rate and +5% Speed
  • While in Full Impulse:  +25% Turn Rate and +10% Speed

In keeping with the theme of utilizing their own tactics and technology against them, three Vaadwaur Tech Kit Modules will be made available, allowing players to utilize a few of the abilities seen in use during the invasion of Kobali Prime (among other locations).

ENGINEERING:  Vaadwaur Anchor Drone

  • Summon an automated drone that will lock down a foe, rooting them in position while dealing Physical Damage over time.

SCIENCE:  Vaadwaur Shield Drone

  • Summon a friendly automated drone that will provide a shield to the user, or a friendly target. This shield will prevent up to 80% of all incoming damage while active.

TACTICAL:  Polaron Bombardment

  • Call down multiple orbital energy strikes, showering the area in polaron energy damage. Although the targeting can be somewhat unpredictable, this strike has the potential to hit many targets multiple times.


In appreciation for the Alpha Quadrant’s response against the Vaadwaur aggression on the surface of Kobali Prime, many highly-skilled Kobali Engineers have volunteered to take part in an officer exchange program, and are offering their services as R&D Specialist Duty Officers. Obtaining a Kobali Engineering Corps Veteran Duty Officer Pack will allow three (3) of these officers to join your roster. Each of them have R&D Specializations in addition to coming with a Vaadwaur Warfare active roster ability which improves all damage dealt against Vaadwaur on both Space and Ground maps.

Many crates of Vaadwaur Polaron Weaponry have been salvaged from engagements all across the Delta Quadrant, allowing players to obtain and equip many of their distinctive weapons.

All Vaadwaur Polaron Weapons offer unique visual effects on both space and ground, and all ground weapons also use the unique weapon appearance seen wielded by their troops.

The unique and powerful energy signatures from these weapons are capable of leaving a lingering debuff on foes that reduces their shield hardness against both Energy and Kinetic weaponry.

Two unique ground weapon choices will also be appearing in the Lobi Crystal Store.

The first of these is the Vaadwaur Polaron Assault Debilitator which boasts an impressive assault blast firing mode as its primary attack, while the secondary attack will violently drain the personal shields of anyone targeted, while also dealing Electrical Damage over the duration. As a more traditional weapon, the Vaadwaur Polaron Rapid Split Bolt Rifle fires a standard series of rapid bolts from its dual-barrel setup as its primary fire, then offers a quickly-recharging “split bolt” secondary fire which hits multiple targets in a narrow forward cone.

We are adding a new type of Numeric Boost to the options seen in previous Lock Boxes! The launch of the Vaadwaur Lock Box will see the introduction of R&D Research XP Bonus Pools, in both Large (10,000) and Small (2,000) denominations.



In an effort to downplay the severity of the war and improve morale among the general populace, a Kobali toymaker has developed several replica miniatures of the dreaded Heavy Battle Tanks seen used rarely by Vaadwaur troops. These Mini-Tank Vanity Pets can be purchased from the Lobi Crystal Store – each pack contains a random variety of the colorful replicas.



The Vaadwaur Lock Box will also include both Full Size R&D Packs, and the Mini-Packs seen in the Delta Expedition Lock Box. These valuable prizes make participating in the R&D system far simpler, by supplying a wide variety of difficult-to-obtain materials, as well as Catalysts to increase your chances of critical success.



Vaadwaur Officer Uniforms will also be available for purchase on the Lobi Crystal Store! These uniforms include many of the visual styles seen in use by Vaadwaur ground troops, and can be mix-and-matched interchangeably with existing uniform styles.


This unlock also includes helmet and mask options. From the classic military duster, to the intimidating array of mask options, Captains like you will have a plethora of options available to outfit themselves the way you want to!



The Vaadwaur Lock Box, as well as these thematic additions to the Lobi Crystal Store, will become available with the launch of our 5th Anniversary Update on January 29th, 2015, at approximately 10:00am PST.

Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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