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Star Trek Online

Command Specialization

By LaughingTrendy | Mon 12 Jan 2015 12:00:00 PM PST

The Captain Specialization system that came with Delta Rising has offered players a new purpose for their continued efforts, even after reaching the new level cap of 60. Specializations offer additional advancement opportunities, exciting new abilities, and a whole new set of options for building out your captain’s capabilities.

With the upcoming launch of our 5th Anniversary Update, we will be offering our first expansion of the system in the form of a new Primary Specialization:  Command Officer


The life of a Command Officer isn't easy. You need to make the difficult choices, shoulder the responsibility for those decisions and coordinate the actions of your peers and subordinates. But, if you're up to the challenge, the rewards and recognition may be worth the burden of leadership.

The Command Officer builds upon the concept of coordination and communication, as it pertains to combat in the Star Trek Online universe, both in Space and on the Ground. You, as a Command Officer, will gain access to abilities that allow your entire team to exceed previous limitations and perform more effectively as a unit.

Many of the abilities unlocked through the Command Officer Specialization also stack, if there are multiple Command Officers on a single team. But even solo, these team-wide benefits will affect your entire away team of Bridge Officers.

Since Command Officer is a Primary Specialization, it cannot be active at the same time as your existing Intelligence Officer Specialization. However, all captains will have the opportunity to invest additional Specialization Points into the Command Officer specialization, even if it is not active.

With the introduction of a new Primary Specialization, we are also increasing the cap on Specialization Points from the existing 60, up to a new max of 90.

Scaling Passive

As long as you have the Command Officer Specialization as your primary, you will gain:

+5%-15% Maximum Health and Hull Capacity

This bonus starts at 5% once you have a single ability purchased and the Specialization is active as your Primary. It scales up with each additional ability purchased, up to a total of 15% once the Specialization is complete.

Starship Trait

As with previous Specializations, purchasing abilities in the Command Officer specialization will unlock new Starship Traits.

After 15 abilities are purchased, you will unlock:

Command Frequency
Your advanced Command training has granted you access to special communications frequencies that can be used to more readily call for assistance in battle.
- The “Low Health” requirement is removed from Fleet Support
- Cooldown of Fleet Support reduced by 5 minutes

After 30 abilities are purchased, you gain access to Improved Command Frequency, which functions the same as above, but reduces the cooldown of Fleet Support by an additional 5 minutes.

Once unlocked, this Trait can be made active on any starship you own by adding it to an active Starship Trait Slot in the Trait selection window.


The below list is only a small sampling of the abilities that can be unlocked through advancing in the Command Officer Specialization.

Forward March
+10% Sprint Speed for Team (stacks with multiple Command Officers, up to +50%)

Victory Cry
Any time a foe is successfully vaporized within 20m of you; trigger a large team-wide Heal.

Resilient Expose
Using an Exploit attack on an Exposed target has a 20% chance to refresh the Expose effect, rather than consume it.

Expose Weakness
Energy Weapons gain a 1% chance to Expose enemies to Torpedo Exploits.
Torpedo Exploits ignore 20 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating.

Violent Detonation
(Space – Requires Expose Weakness)
Torpedo Exploits now ignore 50 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating.

Achilles’ Heel
Next outgoing Critical Hit will apply -25 All Damage Resistance Rating for up to 10 seconds.

Debilitating Weakness
(Space – Requires Achilles’ Heel)
Achilles’ Heel effect also reduces foe’s outgoing damage by up to 60% while active.

Superfluous Emitters
(Ground + Space)
For each teammate (and self) at Full Health/Hull, you gain +2% Bonus Damage

(Ground + Space)
For each Player on your team (not Bridge Officers) gain 2.5% additional Specialization XP and Starship Mastery XP.

Many additional abilities can be unlocked in this Specialization, to improve your Ground and Space combat capabilities, as well as the overall effectiveness and survivability of your teammates.

Bridge Officer Specialization

Alongside the exciting changes appearing with the Bridge Officer Training Revamp (Blog Link Here), the Command Officer Specialization will grant Captains the ability to add the Command Specialization to any existing Bridge Officers! This will grant them access to additional Bridge Officer Abilities on both Space and Ground, further increasing their versatility and value as a member of your crew.

We will be sharing additional details regarding the Bridge Officer version of the Command Specialization in a future Dev Blog, so keep an eye on our website for that information!

** All of the above details, especially those listed for Abilities, are subject to change prior to launch.


Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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