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Star Trek Online

Fleet Admiral Report – The Vaadwaur Threat

By LaughingTrendy | Tue 21 Oct 2014 11:48:16 AM PDT

The Vaadwaur are a dangerous and aggressive foe, and could be a major problem for our ships in the Delta Quadrant. It is perhaps for the best, then, that Starfleet Intelligence puts their total active numbers at less than 500. These are the remnants of a dead race, and while we mourn the loss, we do not miss the chaos they seem to have sown in the quadrant.

Historical records for the Delta Quadrant are few and fragmented. From what we know, mostly from ancient Talaxian records, the Vaadwaur discovered and mapped the Underspace, a series of subspace corridors that cross the quadrant, sometime before Earth’s 15th century. The Vaadwaur used the Underspace for commerce and conquest, conquering hundreds of species and earning the ire of much of the quadrant. At this time, there were more than six billion Vaadwaur, spread across dozens of worlds.

The Vaadwaur were tyrants, and tyrants usually meet an untimely end. So it was for the Vaadwaur. In the Earth year 1484, the Turei led a coalition of races in a war against the Vaadwaur. Their homeworld was devastated by the orbital bombardment, and at the time, it was believed there were no survivors. The Turei seized control of the Underspace, and time forgot the Vaadwaur.

In 2376, the crew of Voyager was pulled into an Underspace tunnel and encountered the Turei. To avoid a Turei assault, Voyager descended into the irradiated atmosphere of Vaadwaur Prime. There, they found a battalion of Vaadwaur warriors in stasis units. Awakened, the Vaadwaur first agreed to move to another world with Voyager’s assistance, but quickly turned on the crew and tried to seize the ship. The Vaadwaur were defeated, with the help of the Turei and one of their own who sacrificed his life to help Voyager, but approximately 53 Vaadwaur ships escaped into the Underspace.

Voyager encountered one of these vessels later in its journey, but the crew was dead. That was the last Voyager saw of the Vaadwaur.

At the time of the Vaadwaur’s discovery, Commander Chakotay speculated that the Vaadwaur might have more caches of stasis tubes with Vaadwaur waiting to be revived, either on the homeworld itself or on other planets. I would like to believe this is not the case.

Even if it is, Vaadwaur technology is 900 years out-of-date. It will take significant effort on their part to catch up to the species who have passed them by. But from what we know of the Vaadwaur, they meet challenges head on. This may be just one more issue for them to overcome.  

Stay tuned as we put out more reports regarding the Vaadwaur threat, Captains.

Watch “Dragon’s Teeth” (Season 6, Episode 7 of Star Trek: Voyager), to learn more about the Vaadwaur.


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