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Star Trek Online

Release Notes: October 16th, 2014

By CaptainSmirk | Thu 16 Oct 2014 06:23:54 PM PDT


  • Resolved a number of issues causing players to Respec their captains’ skills.
    • Resolved the issue where some players were not able to Respec their captain’s skills at all.
    • Players who experienced this issue but were able to Respec their captain’s skills will not have to Respec again.
    • Some players may still be in a state where a Skill Respec is needed but it will be free.
    • Resolved an issue causing Skill Respecs to not work if a player had reached level 60.
      • This issue was occurring prior to the Skill Respec issues listed above.
    • Due to this fix, the R&D traits issue where a player would earn the school trait at level 1 instead of 15 will return.
      • This issue will be fixed at a later date.
      • The traits associated with this are:
        • “Beam Barrage” – Beams School
        • “Deft Cannoneer” – Cannon School
        • “Give Your All” – Engineering School
        • “Inelastic Collisions” – Shields School
        • “Kinetic Precision” – Projectiles School
        • “Particle Manipulator” – Science School
        • “Penetrating Rounds” – Ground Weapons School
      • Once a fix for this issue goes out, players will no longer be able to use these traits unless Tier 15 is unlocked in the corresponding R&D School.
  • Resolved an additional issue where the open mission “Defense at the Gates” could occasionally be blocked from completing in the Kobali Adventure Zone.
  • Resolved an issue that caused upgraded versions of the Aux Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons from not being able to be equipped on the Vesta [T5-U] variants.
    • If a player had lost the cannon due to this issue, it can be reclaimed by claiming the ship again in the CStore.
  • The Fleet Aquarius Light Escort [T5-U] now has the correct display name.


Known Issues:

  • The following PVE queues are temporarily unavailable:
    • Azure Nebula Rescue
    • Khitomer Vortex
    • No Win Scenario
    • Spire Assault
    • The Vault Shuttle Event
  • Fleet projects that require items such as Photon Torpedoes will not accept the required items to complete the project.
  • Some ship consoles cannot be reclaimed in the Reclaim Store once the ship is upgraded.
  • The Vaadwaur missile in “The Battle of Korfez” has incorrect art.
  • Some text does not match the VO.
  • The new Intel power “Kinetic Magnetdoes not function properly on all items.



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