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Star Trek Online

Delta Expedition Lock Box

By LaughingTrendy | Mon 13 Oct 2014 01:00:00 PM PDT

As the year 2410 dawns, the conflicts of our galaxy's recent past are boiling over into Delta Quadrant via the gateway that connects the Solanae and Jenolan Dyson Spheres. With this ever-expanding battle front comes dangerous new threats that can only be driven back by the combined might of the rekindled alliance between the Federation, Klingon Empire, and the newly-reformed Romulan Republic. The confirmation of Iconian involvement in this galactic conflict has only strengthened the resolve of this alliance and sparked a new sense of purpose toward ending the threat.

To that end, the Operation Delta Rising has been established to gather additional information, resources and alliances from among the species encountered by the U.S.S. Voyager during its long journey across the Delta Quadrant. It has been 32 years since that journey ended ... who knows what wonders and dangers – old or new – have risen during those years.

Initial excursions by Delta Rising operatives have resulted in renewed contact, trade and diplomatic discussions among several known species, including the Benthan Guard and several groups of Hazari Bounty Hunters. Other species and additional technology waits for discovery in the vast frontier of the Delta Quadrant.

New Friends with Familiar Faces

The Delta Expedition Lock Box is the first of our lock boxes to represent multiple separate species from within the Star Trek universe. The introduction of the Delta Quadrant has opened the door to so many potential allies and enemies that choosing just one to expand into an entire thematic offering felt like we were leaving too many options on the table.

While the number of familiar species being introduced with Delta Rising is quite substantial, we found that we had to narrow the scope of how many would be represented in a single lock box, lest too many of them end up being under-represented. Internally, we ended up sometimes referring to this lock box as the “Law and Order” pack, or the “Good, Bad, and the Ugly” pack. Although just playful nicknames, they represent the internal theming we chose to use when setting up the contents of the Delta Expedition Lock Box.

The Benthan Guard were chosen primarily based upon the exquisite styling of their ship designs, as well as the role they play in helping players secure peace in the galaxy during their explorations of the Delta Quadrant. The Hazari Bounty Hunters gave us plenty of great reference art that inspired new ground equipment and a unique starship console. We’re also including Kazon and Talaxian prizes, to round out our offerings both within the lock box, and available on the updated Lobi Crystal Store.

The Grand Prize of the Delta Expedition Lock Box is the stylish Benthan Assault Cruiser [T6]. This eye-catching starship features a balanced blend of offensive capabilities, survivability and maneuverability, sure to appeal to a large number of starship captains. It includes a Lieutenant-rank Intelligence hybrid bridge officer station, as well as a full Starship Mastery path which culminates in the acquisition of a new Starship Trait:

  • Load Viral Torpedo:
    • Engineering, Science, Tactical and Intelligence Team now load a Viral Torpedo.  This causes your next Torpedo attack to disable your target(s) for a short period of time.  This can occur once every 20 seconds.

Benthan Assault Cruisers also come equipped with a Console - Universal - Polaric Chromoelectric Modulator. Usage of this device allows redirection of incoming energy damage into massive reservoirs spread throughout the ship’s hull, which lessens the harm such attacks deal to their shields. This energy can also then be emitted toward an enemy starship, disabling their systems and overloading their EPS conduits to cause hull ruptures throughout the ship. Most criminals surrender after feeling the bite of this weapon, and the few that don't learn tend not to live long enough to make any more bad decisions.

The Hazari Destroyer [T6] will also become available alongside this Lock Box, as an addition to the Lobi Crystal Store. Ruthless bounty hunters and mercenaries, the Hazari pride themselves on always completing the jobs they accept. Their ships reflect this sense of both aggressiveness and pride, by adhering to simple, streamlined designs that favor maneuverability and firepower. A Lieutenant-rank Intelligence hybrid bridge officer seat is included on this vessel, as well as a full Starship Mastery path and a Starship Trait:

  • Partners In Arms:
    • Your ally targeted heals and buffs now provide you with a boost to all damage for a short time.  This buff stacks up to 3 times. (Does not trigger when healing/buffing self.)

Hazari are well-known for their team tactics in space conflict, where one ally will hold back in a defensive position and reinforce the shields of an allied attacker. Their most talented engineers developed the Console - Universal - Hazari Shield Drone to allow this tactic to be used even in scenarios where an ally cannot be relied upon. While active, the Hazari Shielding Drone will prevent a massive amount of damage directed toward its owner until it either expires, or is destroyed.

How could we consider a Delta Lock Box complete without offering a Kazon starship? Although ridiculed in the past for their low-tech capabilities, the Kazon have spent the past several decades aggressively scavenging and adapting to a quadrant that has become more dangerous by the hour. Taking the place in the prize table previously occupied by our Mirror Universe starships, the Kazon Heavy Raider ([T5]) can now be flown by any captains bold enough to seize the bridge as his/her own.

Speaking of bridges, there are new unique bridges for all three of the aforementioned starships.

** The Kazon Heavy Raider may be upgraded to T5-U with the use of a Ship Upgrade Token.

The Cross-Faction Console pack being offered within this lock box will revisit the choice pack mechanics seen in our most recent lock box, allowing captains from each Faction to choose which Console they would prefer to receive upon opening. Additionally, the Consoles found in this pack were previously limited to a single type of starship, and are now being cut loose as usable on any and all ships.

  • Federation:  Repair Platforms OR Projected Singularity
  • Klingon:  Metreon Gas Canisters OR Projected Singularity
  • Romulan:  Repair Platforms OR Metreon Gas Canisters

We are also continuing the trend of offering new and unique gameplay-altering Traits in our Lock Boxes, through the use of Genetic Resequencer Packs. Six (6) new Traits will be made available.


  • Berserker:  For each enemy within 5m, you gain 5% Bonus All Damage (up to 4 stacks max)
  • Imminent Danger:  When your health drops to 25%, gain 80% Dodge Chance for 6 seconds(max once per 60 seconds)
  • Overcharging: +10% Cooldown Reduction for all abilities when Shields are at maximum capacity.


  • Exotic Absorption:  When struck by any Exotic Damage ability, gain 20% Shield Hardness and a minor Shield Regeneration for 10 seconds (max once per 60 seconds)
  • Failsafe Scrambler:  When your hull drops below 20%, automatically Placate all foes within 10km for 5 seconds and reset Threat vs. all nearby NPCs (max once per 60 seconds)
  • Positive Feedback Loop:  Activating any Exotic Damage ability grants you a 10% increase to Hull and Shield Healing effectiveness. Activating any Hull or Shield Heal grants you a 10% Bonus to Exotic Damage. Each effect is mutually exclusive.

Brand new Expedition Kit Modules have been developed to aid the brave captains exploring the Delta Quadrant. Each of these new modules represents two different effects combined into a single ability – activating any of them a single time causes the Primary effect to occur, while a Secondary activation triggers a related but different effect. The combined duration of both effects always adds up to the same total, so it is up to the player that uses them to decide how to best benefit from either the Primary or Secondary activations.

The Kit Module rewarded will be a Profession- and Level-appropriate version (up to Mk XII) of one of the following:


  • Bulwark Projection
    • First Activation: Self-Only, High Damage Resistance along a Frontal 90-Degree Arc
    • Second Activation:  High Damage Debuff to all Foes in a Frontal 90-Degree Arc
  • Electrostatic Field
    • First Activation:  Self-Only, Reflects incoming Energy Attacks back at Attackers
    • Second Activation:  Electrical DOT to all Foes within 10m


  • Reconstructive Nanites
    • First Activation:  Self-Only, Damage Resistance and Heal-Over-Time
    • Second Activation:  Team-Wide Maximum Hitpoint Increase
  • Unstable Dampener
    • First Activation:  Energy Damage Debuff to all Foes within 10m
    • Second Activation:  Team-Wide Energy Damage Bonus


  • Coordinated Efforts
    • First Activation:  Team-Wide Expose Chance and Exploit Damage Buff
    • Second Activation:  Team-Wide Debuff Removal (1 Cleanse per Second)
  • Piercing Strikes
    • First Activation:  Self-Only, Armor Penetration Buff
    • Second Activation:  Damage Resistance Debuff to up to 5 nearby foes

The above modules can be used alongside new Delta Expedition Kit Frames, each equipped with enhancements that improve the effectiveness of Critical Hits during ground combat. All Delta Kits are of purple quality. Players that receive a Delta Kit will always receive one that is appropriate for their profession, and their level, up to Mk XII.

Large and Small Boosts will remain available as potential prizes in the Delta Expedition Lock Box. And it’s worth reminding everyone that with the increase of the Level Cap to 60, and the availability of Captain Specializations, even high-level captains can once again reap the benefits given by Skill Point Bonus Pools!

Following the theme of the Hazari Destroyer, a new set of unique weapons is being released. Corrosive Plasma Energy Weapons inflict plasma damage while including a chance to apply a corrosive burn to foes. Although the damage inflicted by these weapons’ burn effect is less intense than normal plasma, it will also wither the target's damage resistance, becoming more effective over time. All weapons contained within these crates are of purple quality, and contain the special procs of Corrosive Plasma weapons, in addition to other random modifiers. The weapon received by opening a Corrosive Plasma Weapon Crate will be appropriate to your level, up to a maximum of Mk XII.

Making its debut as a Lock Box prize is the Research & Development Pack (the same as the version as currently sold on the C-Store). This pack contains the same selection of materials, components, catalysts and accelerators. This pack will contain a total of forty (40) Materials ranging from Common to Very Rare, eight (8) Components, three (3) random R&D Catalysts and four (4) random Upgrade Accelerators.

We will also be offering a Research & Development Mini-Pack which will contain a total of nine (9) Materials ranging from Common to Very Rare, four (4) Components, two (2) random R&D Catalysts and three (3) random Upgrade Accelerators.

A specialized set of Corrosive Plasma weapons will also be added to the Lobi Store, as part of the Hazari-themed Space Set called the “Contractual Agreement.” This set is comprised of a Corrosive Plasma Torpedo Launcher, a Corrosive Plasma Blast Mine Launcher and a Universal Console colloquially known as the Bounty Hunter’s Friend. Equipping multiple pieces of this arsenal grants significant bonuses to your starship. Visit the Lobi Crystal Store to view complete stats and capabilities for yourself!

And who would want to explore the Delta Quadrant without a capable native from this region ready to offer friendly advice, and maybe a personal recipe or two? Talaxian Hybrid Intelligence Officer Candidates are ready and willing to serve aboard your starship, and can be commissioned by visiting the Lobi Crystal Store. Officers from all three Professions – Tactical, Engineering and Science – can be acquired.

  • Species: Talaxian
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Engineering, Science or Tactical (your choice!)
  • Specialization: Intelligence
  • Traits:
    • Ground: Superior Teamwork (Increases Exploit Damage of Team)
    • Ground: Superior Creative (Improves Effectiveness of Many Abilities)
    • Ground: Natural Immunities (Resistance to Radiation and Toxic)
    • Space: Salvage Specialist (Receive R&D Materials During Combat)
  • Ground & Space Abilities:
    • A blended assortment of Profession-specific and Intelligence abilities, including at least one rare Rank III Intelligence Ability.

Inviting one of these friendly and capable crewmen to serve on your vessel also includes a special Costume Unlock – the Talaxian Dress Uniform!

Of course, if you prefer your fuzzy companions a bit less talkative, the Lobi Crystal Store is also being stocked with a full selection of nine (9) breeds of feline vanity pets. Traditionally found on humanity’s homeworld of Earth, our journey among the stars has led to these versatile pets flourishing in many different corners of the cosmos. Pick up your own Cat Companion Vanity Pet, to make your day purrrrrfect.

The Delta Expedition Lock Box, as well as these thematic additions to the Lobi Crystal Store, will become available with the launch of the Delta Rising Expansion Pack, on October 14th, 2014, at approximately 10:00am PST.


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