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Star Trek Online

August Screenshot Winners - On Screen!

By CaptainSmirk | Fri 26 Sep 2014 01:00:00 PM PDT

Honorable Mention - Pic taken by azniadeet

The team here at STO has recently started the Monthly Screenshot Contests to showcase the artistic talents of our players, and the month of September has surpassed our expectations! These pieces of fan art really proved the creativity and skill of many of our users, and we are thrilled to bring you the winners. Follow @PWECaptainSmirk on Twitter for more sample of our honorable mention entries by these talented players!

Picking winners this month was harder then last as these entries showcased just how well our contestants could manipulate their screenshots into breathtaking imagery. We have picked our 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners!

Congrats to these talented individuals, and thank you for showing us that you are only going to get better with each new challenge!

Our Winners are...

1st Place goes to Antaam who submitted this stunning image of a temporal mission into the Federations past utilizing some fantastic skill with photo manipulation, and the creative use of in-game assets like the Temporal Ship bridge and the Phoenix non-combat pet. This image could be straight out of a mission into the past to search out and protect the beginnings of the human race's step out amongst the stars. Well done! Make sure to check out this winning screenshot that has been turned into an official STO Wallpaper now available in our Arc Media Gallery. Click here!


2nd Place goes to Nyzam45 who brought us this powerful image of the finest Starfleet can muster in an attempt to take down that most terrible of foes, the Crystalline Entity! Fresh from the deck of a shuttlecraft, this Trill Captain is ready to show that silica based nemesis exactly what he and his crew are made of.


3rd Place goes to an entry from Kanar956 who brought us the complete destruction of everything on their bridge but the viewscreen itself! No time for gawking as a major fire fight has even unhinged the bulkheads themselves aboard this ship!

Congrats again to all of our winners, and thanks again to everyone who submitted the amazing images for this contest. Make sure to check out our current September Challenge here for details on how you can enter, for the Honor of the Empire!

Check out this thread in the STO Forums for all the entries for the month of August to see the amazing work of your fellow players.

More Honorable Mention going out to...

  • Darkheart71 who took our Facebook advert image for this blog
  • Athurrpewty who took the image we have used as this blog's thumbnails
  • Azniadeet who took the image used for our main photo


Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned for more!

Community Manager
Star Trek Online

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