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Star Trek Online

The Battle of Korfez

By LaughingTrendy | Thu 25 Sep 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT

 “Vaadwaur ships have been sighted in range of Korfez IV. This is a populated world, and the alliance intends to defend it. We're sending several task forces in to secure different areas of the system.

 You and other Captains dispatched to the area will form a small task group that will aid with the defense or the Korfez System.

The U.S.S. Rhode Island is already in the area making an initial survey. Captain Kim will give you a full briefing when you arrive”.

The Vaadwaur are attempting to take control of the Korfez system and its resources. Your team has been assembled to fight the battles that can’t be lost. Captain Kim will be coordinating you actions with those of the fleet that will be engaging the rest of the Vaadwaur forces throughout the system.

During this queue Captains will aid Delta Quadrant species such as the Benthan and Turei in their attempt to aid the peaceful people of Korfez 4.

"The Battle of Korfez" is an Elite only queue designed for level 60 Captains, is mixed faction and is about 15 minutes long.

This queue has four phases. The first phase and the last phase will always be the same. The two middle phases will be selected from a pool of different challenges.

The first phase of this mission is hard. It is intended to cause Captains who aren’t good enough or who have weak gear to fail before making a large investment in time.

The subsequent two phases are chosen from a pool of challenges that will force the Captains s to communicate strategy and tactics quickly and adapt to new situations. These challenges will range from helping ships run blockades, defending local space stations from large enemy task forces and holding the line against Vaadwaur interdiction ships.

If the Captains are able to stop the Vaadwaur Forces they will have a chance to face and defeat the Vaadwaur flag ship V.S.W. Implacable leading the attack on the Korfez system. As the name of this ship suggests it is hard to pin down.

If at any point the team fails to complete a task the whole mission will fail.

Rewards for this queue will include Reputation Marks, Elite Queue R&D Materials and Dilithium


This queue is a top level elite queue. Take the time to get the new top level gear and skills before attempting.

The Vaadwaur artillery barrage is deadly to those Captains who prefer hold station while blasting enemy ships into pieces.

Situation awareness and communication are essential.

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