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Star Trek Online

Research and Development Bonus Weekend!

By LaughingTrendy | Thu 25 Sep 2014 10:00:00 AM PDT

We are pleased to announce that in anticipation for Delta Rising, we’re hosting our Research and Development Weekend from September 25th at 10AM PDT, until September 29th at 10AM PDT. The event features several bonuses throughout STO that will give Captains of all levels a leg up advancing their rank in the Research and Development school(s) of their choice.

For those Captains looking specifically for extra help with their projects, all R&D packs throughout the game will give out an extra 25% of the items they currently disperse for the duration of this event.  Research & Development Packs, available in the C-Store, will give out 11 extra R&D Materials, 3 extra R&D Components and 1 extra R&D Catalyst.  Research and Development packs will now also include Upgrade Accelerator items to improve your upgrade results. Each pack includes four medium or large tech or research accelerators, randomly chosen.

Normal Queue R&D Material Reward Packages, available from Normal difficulty PvE queues, will offer 6 extra R&D Materials, and have a chance at rewarding a R&D Catalyst.  Advanced Queue R&D Material Reward Packages, available from Elite difficulty PvE Queues, will include 8 extra R&D Materials and have an increased chance to reward a R&D Catalyst.

Alternatively, Captains wanting to advance through Research and Development schools as fast as possible should seek out Harvest Nodes, located in mission maps throughout STO, which will not only disperse 2 extra R&D Materials each time they are used, but will also reward 10 Dilithium Ore and have a chance to give out a R&D Catalyst during this event.

For all Captains that work on a Research and Development project during this weekend event, those projects will reward an extra 50% of the appropriate Research and Development School XP.  This includes projects to make components as well as those to make items.

We look forward to playing alongside you as you gear up for Delta Rising!

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