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Star Trek Online

Delta Rising Queue - Bug Hunt

By LaughingTrendy | Tue 23 Sep 2014 01:00:00 PM PDT

Tactical Report, Alpha Team Leader. Stardate 87187.4.

We followed the fragments of recovered data and they led us to Paria III. On the surface it’s a rocky, abandoned world. We didn’t expect to find much – maybe another clue. We were wrong. It’s a Hive, and they’re preparing to swarm. It's time to act.

The insects are training a new generation to infiltrate and infest not only the Delta Quadrant, but the Alpha Quadrant as well. We didn't have much time, but we managed to find their weakness; the Hive’s Spawnmother. The insects aren’t unintelligent, but it is clear her will is what drives them, and, from her, the most dangerous insects are generated. Without the Spawnmother, we might have a chance to shut down the Hive with minimal casualties in the rest of the Quadrant and beyond.

A dedicated team will be needed to infiltrate the hive and eliminate the Spawnmother. We’ll need someone familiar with explosives. She is at the heart of the Hive and protected by many layers of security and solid stone. The team will need to be experts in close quarters and subterranean combat. The insects are numerous and they are fast. The team will have to be faster, and able to react to the unexpected.

The insects will die for the Spawnmother; it’s been bred into them on a genetic level. Getting to her through them will be difficult. We also have evidence to suggest she can exert direct control over their minds. It would not be surprising if she places an army between the team and her. Removing her from the hive will be a crippling blow. Without her, we might have a chance to stop the hive before they swarm. 

It will not be an easy task, but it must be done, and soon.

  • T'Par

The Bug Hunt is the next queue available to players in the Delta Rising expansion. This story-related queue will be available to characters once they have completed the featured episode, Dragon’s Deceit.  Once unlocked, the Queue will be available to all characters on a player’s account, level 50 and higher.

Players will venture into the hive of a dangerous insectoid foe, combat its guardians and topple its leadership. The queue has three modes: Normal, Advanced, and Elite, to provide a variety of challenges to the players. While Normal and Advanced can be played at level 50, Elite is open to players at level 60. This challenge is not to be taken lightly. The Elite version of the queue is some of the most difficult ground combat we’ve made thus far, requiring top level gear and highly coordinated teams.

The Bug Hunt is coming to Tribble soon!

Kate "Shelana" Bankson
Content Designer
Star Trek Online

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