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Star Trek Online

STO Livestream - Delta Rising Threat Revealed!

By CaptainSmirk | Sat 27 Sep 2014 02:30:00 PM PDT

Missed the show? Catch the recorded version on TwitchTV by checking the link our Livestream Recap Blog. Thanks to Kate 'Shelana' Bankson for joining us, & all the 3k+ viewers!

Join STO Community Manager CaptainSmirk this Saturday, September 27th at 1PM PDT (click here for your local timezone) for our next Star Trek Online Livestream Broadcast!

SPECIAL GUEST DEV UPDATE: Joining us this Saturday will be STO Content Designer Kate 'Shelana' Bankson to discuss her work on our latest PvE event and her history of amazing achievements in Star Trek Online. Don't miss your chance to chat with her live during the show!

CaptainSmirk and LaughingTrendy will be bringing you an exclusive look at one of our latest additions to the STO PvE Queued Events, that for the time being, must remain REDACTED for your own protection. An Elite group of Allied Personel must scope out the area before we allow a full disclosure.

We will be streaming live this Saturday afternoon to bring you a preview unlike any other. We will be delving deep into a never before explored area of the Delta Quadrant to discover an old menace come back to haunt the combined forces of Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force and the Romulan Republic.

We will be relying on the bravest of Captains from across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to explore this area with us on Saturday, but bring your best ground gear. You’ll need it. We will be exploring on the Tribble Test Server once again for this preview, so make sure to log in and dress in your finest uniforms to show off your Captains on our TwitchTV channel.


Now for the part many of you have been waiting for!

This Saturday, during the Broadcast, we will be setting our first ever pre-determined Viewer Participation Goal. We are looking for 1500 of the finest Twitch viewers to be live, in our chat with us, to unlock the first prize, available to all to match our previous Maintenance Livestream population of the same amount. Once we get past 1500 viewers in chat, we will release the full code!

Rally your friends, fleetmates and if you can, get your grandma in uniform and tell her to meet us on Tribble! You know she wants to be a Klingon Warrior, admit it.

If we reach a goal of 2000 viewers, we will unlock a series of limited redemption codes for multiple items, ranging from the Red Matter Capacitor, the Section 31 Uniform and more! View in to find out what new promo item you can unlock during our show.

But wait, there’s more! If we reach a goal of 3000 viewers, we will unlock the chance to win a Delta Rising Operations Pack! Be prepared for all that awaits you in our upcoming expansion with the pack to end all packs, filled with T6 Intel Ships, Doffs, Titles and all the recent additions that you have been craving. Be ready to enter in our raffle winning word entry if we reach our viewer goal, all with your help!

Prize Update!


During our show, we will raffle off this Alienware TactX gaming keyboard! Will you be our lucky winner?** Big thanks to our partners at Alienware for providing this amazing prize.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for our Thursday Livestream last week, and we hope that you call can join us for our next show as we will be dedicating it to all of you who joined us in the early hours before our Kazon induced madness gripped the heart of our Twitch fan base.

We look forward to leading another group of skilled players into the unknown mysteries of Delta Rising, this Saturday afternoon on Perfect Worlds TwitchTV Channel.

*To be eligible to win, you only need to be logged in to Twitch and chat the keyword that we'll ask players to post (in addition to us saying it verbally, we'll post it in chat so you can copy and paste it) right before each giveaway.

**To be eligible to win the PHYSICAL PRIZE, you must live in the continental United States in order for us to ship these items to you. No worries if you live outside the USA, we will grant you a comparable digital prize consisting of in-game ZEN.

Until then, we will see you in-game!

Community Manager
Star Trek Online

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Click here to learn more about Delta Rising, our free-to-play expansion for Star Trek Online. Explore the Delta Quadrant & rediscover the allies & the enemies the Voyager crew made during their exodus from distant space back to Earth & the Federation. Prepare yourself & your crew with an Delta Operations Pack now available for purchase! Click on the logo below to learn more about it.

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