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Star Trek Online

Neelix Returns!

By LaughingTrendy | Wed 17 Sep 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT

Updating Neelix’s Story

On Star Trek: Voyager, we saw Neelix as an explorer, a trader, a chef, a morale officer and a diplomat. A native of the Delta Quadrant, Neelix was Voyager’s guide, and helped them navigate the often tricky politics and shifting boundaries of the quadrant. He was a valued member of the crew, and always had a warm cup of “even better than coffee substitute” and a sympathetic ear for the crew’s problems.

The first question we asked when adding Neelix to Delta Rising was: What would he be after Voyager returned home?

Neelix left Voyager in “Homestead,” choosing to stay at a Talaxian mining colony while the ship continued on its journey home. At that point, it looked like Neelix was going to add the roles of husband and father to his already prodigious list of titles. And that was a good place for Voyager to leave Neelix. He’d found his home.

But it’s been 32 years since Voyager left the Delta Quadrant. In that time, Neelix has settled into family life, but he’s also become a statesman and a leader. Taking the lessons he learned on Voyager, Neelix is now the head of the group of Talaxians he found in “Homestead.” He’s sent out ships and made new trading contacts, found other Talaxians, and turned a group struggling for survival into a thriving community.

The Talaxians stayed on the base seen in “Homestead” for several years, but the growing size of the colony (and the completely unsuitable kitchen) prompted Neelix to lead them elsewhere. The colony has now settled in the Entaba system, a safer area with more resources available to support their operations.

But moving day for the Talaxians is coming again soon – there are enough of them now to support a colony, and Neelix’s survey ships have found a suitable M-Class world nearby.

Creating Neelix in STO

Creating Neelix in STO was fun, and very rewarding. As one of the most memorable characters of Voyager, getting his likeness was extremely important to us. We scoured the Voyager episodes, pored through many still images, and even read reference material to nail down what Neelix looks like.

One of the challenges of a video game is to bring out features of a character that are easily seen from a distance. To that end, we brought out the jowls of the face, accentuated the nose, pulled the ends of the eyes down, and gave him his unique Talaxian hairdo. We also gave him very colorful and patterned clothing – such that no other crew member on Voyager looks like him.

But of course, visuals are just part of the equation. When paired to the voice work of Ethan Phillips, it truly does feel like Neelix is in the game. We feel the character model looks and feels like Neelix – warm, and friendly; but ready for action should the situation arise.


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