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Star Trek Online

The Kobali Adventure Zone

By LaughingTrendy | Thu 11 Sep 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT

The Kobali are under attack. The only thing standing between them and total annihilation is the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. Can you save the Kobali and discover the mysteries of their homeworld?

The Kobali Adventure Zone is a persistent adventure zone for players starting at level 54. Players will be able to bring two of their bridge officers to the surface, and players can team together without losing their bridge officers. We’ve taken the scalability and team-friendly elements of our battlezones and combined them with a fleshed-out, personal storyline to give players content unlike anything they’ve seen in Star Trek Online.

There are several regions within the zone. The forward base in the Kobali City, where the civilians have been evacuated and the makeshift Kobali military has set up their last line of defense. The countryside outside of the city is dotted with the homes of the Kobali that preferred to live in more pastoral surrounds. Now these homes serve merely as cover between the Kobali and their assailants.

Further north, the land has been dug up and turned into trenches where enemy troops gather their main forces to continue their relentless assault upon the Kobali people. The presence of these trenches baffles Starfleet Intelligence; if the enemy’s goal was to conquer the Kobali, why go through the trouble of trench warfare when there are other ways for these forces to assault the Kobali City from the sky?

To the east are the mountains, once a place where the Kobali would take leisurely hikes and sleep beneath the stars. None of the Kobali dare go through the mountain pass now, for fear of what awaits them. Many Kobali scouts have been sent to investigate what is happening in the mountains, but none have returned. Some of the Kobali reports indicate that their enemy has set up an entire base on the mountaintop.

Players will be able to experience the story of the Kobali through several missions that take place in the persistent world. In between these stories, players can participate in the open missions that are constantly taking place in the zone. These open missions are set up to scale for the number of players in the area. This means the open missions can be completed alone or with a team, just like our battlezone content.

However, we have added a twist to these open missions. Each one has an “escalation” phase that can only be triggered by a team or extremely skilled solo players. This phase will offer a further challenge (and more rewards) and also will scale based on the number of players on the map.

We’re very excited for you all to experience the Kobali Adventure Zone. We encourage those who want to help refine it to log on to Tribble and give us your feedback!

Sean “Commander Ander” McCann
Content Designer
Star Trek Online

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