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Star Trek Online

Tier 6 Intel Starships QA

By LaughingTrendy | Mon 08 Sep 2014 10:32:10 AM PDT

Gather Intelligence

Q: How does Gather Intelligence work when in a team with multiple Intel ships using Gather Intelligence on the same target?
A: There is a certain number of Penetrating Scan debuffs to stack up on the target before they are considered Vulnerable. Multiple Intel ships can more quickly build up the stack of Penetrating Scans on the target allowing them to be rendered Vulnerable more quickly.

Q: Does using an Expose Vulnerability ability remove the Vulnerable state from the target?
A: No. The Vulnerable state has a duration in which Expose Vulnerability abilities can be used.

Q: Do Expose Vulnerability debuffs from multiple Intel ships stack?
A: Unlike most effects, Expose Vulnerability debuffs have their duration stack, instead of their effect.

Example: Player A uses Expose Vulnerability: Weapon Systems on an enemy. This places a debuff on that enemy for 10 seconds. 3 seconds later Player B uses Expose Vulnerability: Weapon Systems on them. This will add 10 seconds to the duration of the effect for a total of 17 remaining seconds.

In essence, multiple Intel starships can stack the same effect multiple times for a long lasting effect.

Q: Is Gather Intelligence useable while Cloaked?
A: Gather Intelligence requires that you are not cloaked in order to be used.


Q: Will Fleet variants of the Intel ships be available at Delta Rising launch?
A: Fleet Intel starships will be released sometime after Delta Rising launch.

DISCLAIMER: All information in this blog post is subject to change.

Phil “Gorngonzolla” Zeleski
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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