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Star Trek Online

Intelligence – Cooperative

By LaughingTrendy
Fri 29 Aug 2014 10:27:41 AM PDT

The Borg Cooperative is a group of former Borg drones who have joined together for mutual protection and society.

According to the logs of U.S.S. Voyager, in 2368 a Borg cube traveling through an area of the Delta Quadrant known as the Nekrit Expanse was disabled and disconnected from the Collective by a severe electrokinetic storm. Their collective consciousness collapsed, and the drones regained their identities.

Transporting to a nearby planet, the survivors of the cube began rebuilding their lives. They removed most of their cybernetic appendages and slowly re-acclimated to living as individuals. However, without the unifying force of the Borg hive mind, the many different species that had been on the cube struggled to form a society.

The planet became a warzone. One group of a few hundred drones formed a cooperative, finding a way to use their neural processors to form a miniaturized form of the Borg’s collective consciousness. Eventually, with the (unwilling) assistance of Commander Chakotay from Voyager, this group was able to extend this collective to all of the remaining drones on the planet, becoming the Cooperative as it is known today.

Admiral Tuvok, who now commands Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, informs us that the Cooperative still exists, and that it has taken on the task of liberating other drones from the Collective.

The Collective has gained allies in other groups of liberated Borg in the rVyloa9X region, but conflicts between these groups may cause problems. While the Cooperative wishes to add more drones to its collective consciousness but allow them to retain a sense of identity, other liberated Borg wish to be completely free of any of the trappings of their former Borg life, including the hive mind.

At this time, the Cooperative should pose little tactical threat to the Klingon Defense Force. Their numbers are few, and they are completely focused on rescuing other drones from the Borg. While the Cooperative maintains a distinct technological advantage over other groups in the region, they are inexperienced fighters and do not have the tactical acumen of our warriors. Given time and direction, however, they could be molded into a weapon.

We must take care that they do not become a weapon used against us.




Watch “Unity” to learn more about the Cooperative.




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