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Star Trek Online

Ship Upgrade Status Report

By LaughingTrendy | Wed 27 Aug 2014 11:00:00 AM PDT

Jem Hadar Attack Ship Voth Bulwark Dreadnought Cruiser Ferengi D'Kora Marauder
Jem Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier Voth Bastion Flight Deck Cruiser Tholian Recluse Carrier
Jem Hadar Dreadnought Cruiser Voth Palisade Science Vessel Tholian Orb Weaver
Hirogen Apex Heavy Battlecruiser Elachi Monbosh Battleship Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser
Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort Elachi S'Golth Escort Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer
Mobius Temporal Destroyer Breen Chel Grett Warship Undine Dromias Bio-Cruiser
Chimera Heavy Destroyer Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider Undine Nicor Bio-Warship
Xindi-Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier Korath Temporal Science Vessel Risian Corvette
Xindi-Reptillian Contortrix Escort Krenn Temporal Destroyer Risian Luxury Cruiser
Advanced Obelisk Carrier Klingon Dyson Science Destroyer R'Mor Temporal Science Vessel
Wells Temporal Science Vessel Cardassian Galor Cruiser Talvath Temporal Destroyer
Starfleet Dyson Science Destroyer Romulan Dyson Science Destroyer Romulan Dyson Science Destroyer
Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer Daeinos Heavy Destroyer
Fleet Daeinos Warbird Destroyer Fleet Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer Fleet Chimera Heavy Destroyer

Odyssey Operations Cruiser Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit D'Kyr Science Vessel
Odyssey Tactical Cruiser Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
Odyssey Science Cruiser Assault Cruiser Refit Avenger Battlecruiser
Dreadnought Cruiser Andorian Kumari Escort Andorian Charal Escort
Andorian Khyzon Escort Tactical Escort Retrofit Multi-Vector Advanced Escort
Heavy Escort Carrier Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit Patrol Escort Refit
Dyson Reconnaissance Science Destroyer Dyson Strategic Science Destroyer Dyson Surveillance Science Destroyer
Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer
Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit Caitian Atrox Carrier Bortasqu' Command Cruiser
Bortasqu' Tactical Cruiser Bortasqu' War Cruiser Varanus Support Vessel
Marauder Flight-Deck Cruiser B'rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit Mogh Battlecruiser
Garamba Siege Destroyer Dyson Tactical Science Destroyer Dyson Battle Science Destroyer
Dyson Command Science Destroyer Kar'fi Battle Carrier Scimitar Dreadnought Warbird
Falchion Dreadnought Warbird Tulwar Dreadnought Warbird T'Varo Light Warbird Retrofit
Dhelan Warbird Retrofit Mogai Heavy Warbird Retrofit Ar'Kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit
D'deridex Warbird Battlecruiser Retrofit Haakona Advanced Warbird Dyson Reconnaissance Science Destroyer
Dyson Strategic Science Destroyer Dyson Surveillance Science Destroyer  
Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit
Fleet Avenger Battle Cruiser Fleet Dreadnought Cruiser Fleet Patrol Escort Refit
Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit Fleet Advanced Escort Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier
Fleet Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit Fleet Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit Fleet Caitian Atrox Carrier
Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit Fleet Star Cruiser Fleet Support Cruiser Retrofit
Fleet Escort Retrofit Fleet Aquarius Destroyer Fleet Research Science Vessel Retrofit
Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit
Fleet B'Rel Bird of Prey Retrofit Fleet Norgh Bird of Prey Retrofit Fleet HoH'Sus Bird of Prey
Fleet Mogh Battle Cruiser Fleet Varanus Support Vessel Fleet Somraw Raptor Retrofit
Fleet Qin Heavy Raptor Fleet K'Tinga Battle Cruiser Retrofit Fleet Kamarag Battlecruiser Retrofit
Fleet Tor'Kaht Battle Cruiser Retrofit Fleet Negh'Var Heavy Battle Cruiser Fleet Scourge Destroyer Retrofit
Fleet Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser Retrofit Fleet Vo'Quv Carrier Fleet Kar'Fi Battle Cruiser
Fleet T'Varo Light Warbird Retrofit Fleet Dhelan Warbird Retrofit Fleet Mogai Heavy Warbird Retrofit
Fleet Ar'Kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit Fleet D'deridex Warbird Battlecruiser Retrofit Fleet Haakona Advanced Warbird
Fleet Ha'feh Assault Warbird Fleet Ha'Nom Guardian Warbird  


Tier 5 starships that have been omitted from this list, as they don’t qualify for an upgrade, are those that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Starships with a Dilithium or Rank-Up Token cost
  • Starships that cost Fleet Credits only
  • Starships that are awarded from completion of an episode
  • Mirror Universe Starships


Tier 5 Ship Upgardes


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