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Star Trek Online

Intelligence Briefing - Kazon

By LaughingTrendy
Fri 08 Aug 2014 01:57:49 PM PDT

Voyager had frequent clashes with this aggressive warrior species in its first years in the Delta Quadrant.

A former slave race, the Kazon rose up against their oppressors more than sixty years ago and won their freedom. But this trial did not unite them, and the Kazon split into 18 sects that battle one another – and anyone else in the Delta Quadrant who crosses their path – for resources, technology and glory.

As a group, the sects are known as the Kazon Order, but in reality each sect has its own leader and controls its own destiny. The leaders of the sects are known as Maje; the leader of the most powerful sect, which is currently the Kazon-Ogla, is the First Maje.

Kazon society is violent and patriarchal. Women are not warriors, and few Kazon women are ever seen by outsiders. Male children are raised to be warriors, and must survive a series of trials to earn an adult name. Displays of affection are seen as shameful.



The Kazon have energy weapons, shields and tractor beams, but do not possess technology equal to the Federation, or even other species of the Delta Quadrant. Their sheer numbers and ferocity make them a threat, and they will often prey on smaller vessels or peaceful settlements.

Recently, word has come out of the Delta Quadrant about the rising power of the Kazon-Nistrim. This clan has a new leader, who overthrew Maje Culluh to take control. This maje is hungry for power and eager to make a name for himself. He also appears to be more cunning and intelligent than most Kazon.

The Kazon are the only species that the Borg declined to assimilate. But do not underestimate them – reports from Captain Janeway and others who have encountered the Kazon indicate they can be a tricky and dangerous foe. 

 “Caretaker,” “Initiations,” “Alliances,” “Basics,” “Maneuvers” and “State of Flux” are good episodes to watch to learn more about the Kazon. 



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