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Star Trek Online

Release Notes: June 4th, 2014

By LaughingTrendy | Wed 04 Jun 2014 04:22:55 PM PDT


  • Alienware keyboards and mice now have colored glow effects depending on what faction and state your captain is in.
    • This applies to when the player is on ground or space maps.
    • The keyboard and mouse will glow red for all captains when in a Red Alert state.
    • The keyboard and mouse will glow blue for FED captains when in an idle state.
    • The keyboard and mouse will glow orange for KDF captains when in an idle state.
    • The keyboard and mouse will glow green for ROM captains when in an idle state.
    • The keyboard and mouse will have no glow when map transitioning or when in menus.
    • This applies to all Alienware keyboards and mice which have this interactive backlight function.
  • Resolved an issue with Loadouts which would occasionally cause bridge officer powers, captain powers, and slotted duty officers to be removed when transitioning to another map.
  • Kit pieces in the tailor are now accessible to bridge officers regardless of bridge officer’s rank.
    • This only applies to bridge officers whose uniform can be edited.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented combo buttons from closing when clicking on the button directly.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause Bridge Officers to become trapped in the Overflow Bag.
    • For those players experiencing this, the Bridge Officers will be able to be removed from the Overflow Bag upon logging in.
  • Update to Dyson Shields, from the reputation system, to be partially transparent while stealthed, instead of completely opaque.
  • Resolved an issue causing the neck line to be incorrect for Gorn wearing Dyson jackets.
  • The trim now correctly tints for Romulan Republic Upper - Undershirt 1.
  • Klingon Males can now correctly equip the Honor Guard Quv Helmets, provided they have the correct unlock.
  • Federation affiliated Klingon females no longer has a missing torso when wearing the Mirror Universe midriff shirt.
  • Starfleet Personnel on Memory Alpha are wearing the newly standard Starfleet Uniform.
  • Starfleet Personnel on Deep Space Station K-7 are now wearing Odyssey-type Starfleet uniforms.
  • Starfleet Personnel on Starbase 39 Sierra are now wearing updated Starfleet uniforms.


  • Reputations 8472 Counter-Command:
    • Added a mission that is automatically granted upon completing Tier 5 of this reputation that will grant a large Dilithium, Experience, Energy Credit, and Undine Mark reward.
      • If the player has already reached tier 5, they will automatically receive the mission upon logging in.
  • Powers:
    • Bio-Molecular Fluidic Space Counter Blast:
      • Resolved a potential fault that was allowing Fluidic Puddles to ignore this ability being used in its proximity.
        • This ability should more reliably destroy fluidic puddles when used.
    • The Jem'Hadar Transporter Officer "Etak'Kas" no longer summons engineering generators at very low levels.
      • They will now be the appropriate level for the character that has him on Active Duty.
    • The damage dealt by Omega Graviton Amplifier is now correctly increased when inflicted on the Borg.
    • Hyperonic Radiation now has a minimum cooldown of 15 seconds.
      • It cannot be reduced below this threshold.
    • Exothermic Induction Field now has a minimum cooldown of 15 seconds.
      • It cannot be reduced below this threshold.
    • Nanite Health Monitor will no longer consume charges attempting to remove Debuffs that it cannot cleanse.
    • Weapons Malfunction now correctly grants 30 seconds of resistance on expiration, instead of only 5 seconds.
    • Thalaron Pulse:
      • While charging, this power will no longer instantly trigger if interrupted by offline subsystems.
      • This applies to both Player and NPC versions.
        • The version used by Donatra in Khitomer Accord is different, in that it cannot be interrupted under any circumstances.
    • Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator:
      • The effects of the Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator console will no longer become active until the user has at least one shield facing below 90% maximum capacity.
      • Updated all descriptions and tooltips to reflect these changes.
    • Replaced the [Acc] mod on Tricobalt Mines that were incorrectly using it, with the [Radius] mod that increases their explosion size.
      • This will automatically update all existing versions of the item, and any new ones obtained going forward.
    • Advanced Fleet Polaron Sniper Rifle Mk XII [Dmg]x3 [CritX] now properly have both Crit Chance and Crit Severity, instead of only Crit Severity mods.
    • Bio-Molecular Mine Launchers:
      • All [Acc] modifiers on these Mines have been replaced with [Radius] modifiers.
      • For each [Radius] enhancement attached to the mine, its detonation explosion will be expanded by 0.5km, above its base range of 1.0km.
    • Enhanced Bio-Molecular Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XII:
      • Resolved an issue that was causing Torpedo Spread 2 and 3 to yield more explosions than intended.
      • Increased the damage dealt by High Yield 3.
    • Updated long description on Ferengi Missile Launcher to clarify bridge officer ability interaction.
    • Tachyon Detection Grid:
      • Target cap on initial activation is now set to 10.
        • This was previously unlimited.
      • Target cap on chained effect is now set to 5.
        • This was previously unlimited.
      • Both activation and chained effect will no longer affect Torpedoes, Mines, and Hangar Pets.
    • Enhanced Plasma Manifold (Oberth Console):
      • No longer shares a cooldown with Batteries.
      • Now affects Engine subsystems in the same manner as existing Aux/Shield bonuses.
      • Now grants immunity to Shields, Engines, and Aux offline for full duration.
      • Now grants +10 Maximum Shield, Engine, and Aux power for full duration.
      • Increased base power bonus from 33 to 50, and gains additional benefit from the Starship Batteries skill.
      • Base duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds, but now gains more benefit from the Starship Batteries skill.
    • Fluidic Phase Decoupler can now be activated while under effects which typically prevent Cloaking.
      • Examples: Sensor Analysis, Charged Particle Burst, Antiproton Sweep.
    • Resolved an issue which was allowing the infection of Active Immunity Overload to spread to non-foe targets under certain circumstances.
    • Fleet Mark Consultant Duty Officers now apply the correct bonus to Fleet Alert and No Win Scenario queue events.
  • Reputation Traits:
    • Omega Kinetic Shearing:
      • Changed the damage from this power so that it will no longer cause a player with this trait equipped to re-appear when their torpedoes or mines detonate when using a ship with Enhanced Battle Cloak.
    • Resolved an issue where the “Enhanced Personal Shields” Trait was causing shields to be zeroed out.
    • Resolved an issue where slotting the Fleet Technician trait was incorrectly granting access to the Fleet Physicist enhancement.
    • The knockback proc added by the Physical Strength trait can now be resisted, and is subject to immunity.
    • Improved the tooltip text for all of the following Traits:
      • Conduit
      • Covert
      • Creative
      • Crippling Fire
      • Disassembler
      • EPS Manifold Efficiency
      • Field Researcher
      • Firearms Specialist
      • Fleet Physicist
      • Fleet Tactician
      • Fleet Technician
      • Inspirational Leader
      • Intimidating Strikes
      • Medical Vanguard
      • Mental Discipline
      • Photonic Capacitor
      • Physical Strength
      • Precise
      • Singularity Specialist
      • Strike Team Specialist
      • Stubborn
      • Sure Footed
      • Tactical Vigilance
  • A new Featured Project has been made available to Fleets that have already completed their Tier 5 Starbases.
    • This project requires no other inputs than 2000 Fleet Marks.
    • It is specifically designed to supply large fleets with a steady stream of Fleet Credits in return for surplus Fleet Marks.
    • The Fleet Credits received from this project are *HALF* of what is received from all other projects.
    • This project completes in 5 minutes after all inputs are filled.
  • Undine Marks are now a valid choice from All Mark Choice Packages.
  • Romulans that use Very Rare / Purple Armory Duty Officers that have a chance of spawning additional turrets will now see two turrets instead of one when the officer activates.
  • Resolved a few issues involving the Hirogen version of Photonic Fleet:
    • Photonic Hirogen vessels no longer have a chance to drop loot.
    • Photonic Hirogen vessels no longer have access to special bridge officer abilities such as Boarding Party, Tractor Beam, and Subnucleonic Beam.
    • Photonic Hirogen vessels no longer cause a Warp Core breach when they are killed.
    • The odds of spawning a Photonic Hirogen Battleship were incorrectly set higher than intended.
      • Frigates and Escorts should now be more commonly seen when this power is used by the Hirogen.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing all Even-Mark Kit Frames (Mk II, Mk IV, etc) to have a higher rank requirement than intended.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing all Kit Frames to be slightly lower level than intended.
    • This will cause their passive bonuses to increase very slightly, but should have no impact on the potency of equipped modules.
  • Owners of the Fleet Atrox or the Fleet Kar'Fi can now purchase their appropriate ship-restricted hangar pets, even if they do not own the C-Store versions of these ships.
  • Uras'Kalan, the Unique Jem'Hadar Assault Squad Officer, will now cause your Boarding Parties to have point defense turrets with a frequency that more closely matches the odds listed on the description.
  • Counter Command Ordnance: "Degenerative Wave Signature" will now populate a condensed version of the set bonus' tooltip on your Energy Weapons.
  • Romulan Drone Ships now use the updated Undine Ship art, introduced with Season 9.
  • Removed the word "Bonus" from the Honor Guard 2 piece Space Set bonus.
    • The Kinetic damage increase is not classified as bonus damage.
    • This is a text change only.


  • Rai can now be obtained as a duty officer for Romulan Borg captains in the episode “Mine Enemy”.
  • Resolved an issue which would occasionally block progression in the Klingon episode “Alpha”.
  • The Jouret System Patrol can now be completed.
  • All repeatable PVP missions for FED and KLG (arena and scenario) are now set to a 20 hour cooldown.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing players to get stuck in the starbase during Starbase Fleet Defense.
  • Updated Officer of The Watch mission rewards from 5 Fleet Marks to 20 Fleet Marks.


  • Added all of the props from New ESD to the Foundry.
  • Added a few sets of basic floor planes with FED, KLG, and ROM textures.
    • Each set contains a 10 foot, 20 foot, 40 foot, 100 foot, and 500 foot square.
  • Added a few sets of water planes with water volumes attached.
    • Each set contains a 10 foot, 20 foot, 40 foot, 100 foot, and 500 foot square.

Known Issues:

  • New kit modules do not have their own search category in the Exchange.
  • Kits in your inventory cannot be equipped by double-clicking on them.
    • You can drag and drop slot them.
  • Cannot create private queues for Undine Assault.


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