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Star Trek Online

Season 8 Dev Blog #57

By LaughingTrendy | Mon 31 Mar 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT

First Contact Celebration


Every year in April, the Federation celebrates First Contact Day and the Klingon Empire celebrates the Day of Honor. For the first time ever, the Romulan Republic will be joining the festivities and celebrating Republic Day!

D’Tan and the leaders of New Romulus have declared this to be a time of celebration and reflection for the Republic. Republic Day is a homecoming for the Romulan people. This is a time to gather together and celebrate the founding of the Romulan Republic, to remember those lost in the destruction of Romulus and Remus and to honor those who sacrificed their lives to see the dream of the Republic become a reality.

The Republic Flagship Lleiset has returned home as well. Commander Tiaru Jarok and her senior staff will be allowing Romulan officers aboard to see the flagship and speak with the crew during the celebrations. Before they can join the festivities however, Commander Jarok is looking for assistance from brave and valiant captains of the Republic. Officers willing to board the Lleiset and assist Commander Jarok can hail Admiral Kererek during the celebration to begin their mission. Players who successfully complete the mission aboard the Lleiset will be rewarded with a small nanov non-combat ground pet. This unique creature is a reminder of home and can be earned by all Romulan Captains level 10 and above.

In celebration of First Contact Day, Federation Captains level 10 and above are invited aboard the bridge of the Enterprise-F to speak with Captain Shon on an important matter concerning the security of the Federation. As in past years, if they have not already done so, players will be rewarded with their own replica of the Phoenix, Humanity’s first warp-capable ship, as a non-combatant space craft. Once the event concludes, the Enterprise-F will be back on the front lines, so be sure to hail Admiral Quinn while the celebrations are in full swing.

During this time of year, the warriors of the Klingon Empire join in celebration of the Day of Honor. Captain Koren has a special task to complete before she and her crew can enjoy some well-deserved shore leave and reflect on the honor and worth of their actions over the past year. Brave warriors of the Empire who wish to assist in this task are welcome to hail Chancellor J’mpok to undertake this mission. Warriors who complete this task, and have not already received one, will earn a Tritanium Rending Bat’leth, a mighty weapon befitting an honorable warrior.

The First Contact Day, Day of Honor and Republic Day events sre currently running until 10 AM April 7, PDT. From the Mission Journal, Federation players may hail Admiral Quinn, Klingon Players may hail Chancellor J’mpok and Romulan players may hail Admiral Kererek to begin their missions.

We look forward to seeing you in game!


Kate Bankson
Content Designer
Star Trek Online

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