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Star Trek Online

Save 25% on Infinity Promo Packs!

By Fero | Fri 01 Dec 2023 10:00:00 AM PST

Temporal Anomalies have opened a hole to an alternate universe, one with a fantastic sale, Captains. But this Flash Sale will only be available for a limited time – from December 1st at 10am PT to December 3rd at 12pm PT on PC. Hurry and grab yourself some items at a one of our largest discounts ever, before the portal shuts and it’s all lost.

Today’s Flash Sale is:

25% off all Infinity Research and Development Packs and Duty Officer Packs!

Remember these packs could open into a Tier 6 ship, including the brand-new Shrike Intel Juggernaut! Don’t wait! The Flash Sale Anomaly can be gone before you know it!

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