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Star Trek Online

Announcing Star Trek Online: Unraveled!

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 02 May 2023 06:00:00 AM PDT

PC Captains, get ready. The next major Star Trek Online content update is coming one week from today! In Star Trek Online: Unraveled, Admiral Kuumaarke returns to the spotlight, played by Kipleigh Brown. Following events from the conclusion of the Mirror Universe story arc, “Terran Gambit”, your Captain will embark on a humanitarian scientific mission with Admiral Kuumaarke to stabilize the Na’kuhl sun.  However, this mission is interrupted by a discovery; a transdimentional Reality Vortex is disrupting space-time throughout the Multiverse. A conflict ensues with the Tholians, who reveal that constant use of time and dimensional travel has caused these vortices – and your Captain is partly to blame. Featuring a new episode, TFO, new Patrols, and an update to the Infinity Lock Box, Star Trek Online: Unraveled will take you deep into the final frontier.

And that’s not all – in celebration of the flagship of Star Trek Online, we decided to give the Enterprise F her own version of the classic Star Trek introduction. Check it out below, and let Captain Shon regale you with those magical words, “Space. The Final Frontier.”


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