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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 2/9/23

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 08 Feb 2023 05:26:59 PM PST


  • Improved Engineer Bridge Officer Abilities: 
    • Emergency Power to Shields 
      • Now also grants Immunity to Shield Drain when your Shields are reduced to 20/35/50% total Capacity 
    • Reverse Shield Polarity 
      • Now also grants Immunity to Shield Drain 
  • Improved Pilot Specialization Bridge Officer Abilities: 
    • Energy weapons: Reroute Reserves to Weapons 
      • Haste improved from 20/40/60 to 75/150/225 
      • Engine power drain normalized at 8, was 8/6/4 
        • If Engine Power reaches 0, effect ends, the shared category cooldown is reset, and remaining duration is subtracted from other Energy Weapon Firing Mode recharge times 
    • Clean Getaway 
      • Duration improved from 4/6/8 to 8/10/12 
      • After 3 seconds, each second your ship avoids damage recover 1 second recharge of vridge officer and captain abilities 
    • Deploy Countermeasures 
      • Ability now additionally deploys holo images of your starship which taunt Foes and vanish after being damaged 
      • Number of images scales with ability rank 
      • Chance to Confuse removed 
    • Reinforcements Squadron 
      • Ships Receive Bonus Damage from your Accuracy and Critical Severity   
      • Summoned fighters are immune to core breaches 
    • Form Up 
      • Bonus Damage starts at max value, no longer ramps up over duration 
      • Teleport range now 20 km for all ranks 
    • Subspace Boom 
      • Explosion damage significantly increased 
      • Large debuff to Accuracy added to the explosion 
    • Lock Trajectory 
      • Added a buff to Critical Chance during active effect 
    • Pilot Team 
      • Now grants a modest bonus to Defense during the effect 
      • Now grants Immunity to Placate during the effect 
    • Hold Together 
      • Scaling from high Throttle doubled 
    • Fly Her Apart 
      • Damage buff improved, happens during buildup as well as after 
    • Coolant Ignition 
      • Damage scales with Engine Power 
      • Initial detonation now has a large burst of Damage 
    • Attack Pattern Lambda 
      • Confuse lasts longer, also applies Placate to Foes that are not Players, but has a long Cooldown per target 
      • Now applies to all weapon types 
      • Higher ranks dramatically improve Accuracy and Perception 


For more information, please visit the “Changes to Pilot Bridge Officer Abilities” blog at: 


Known Issues: 

  • The Pilot Bridge Officer Abilities, Coolant Ignition 2 and Coolant Ignition 3 currently do not display their “At Ignition” damage in their descriptions. 
  • The fighters summoned by the Pilot Bridge Officer ability “Reinforcement Squadron” do not currently use all the abilities they are intended to use.

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