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Star Trek Online

Elite Bridge Officer Training!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 08 Sep 2022 08:00:00 AM PDT

The galaxy continues to turn, the Khitomer Alliance endures challenge after challenge, and in the adversity grows stronger than any had dared dream. Learning from each other has accelerated development everywhere, but not all development is technology. Doctrine is often just as important, advances in training and new ways of thinking provide the changes we need to endure turbulent times. The new Elite Captain training program has likewise expanded to include promising Elite Bridge Officer candidates. Taught by the greatest minds of the Alliance, Elite Bridge Officers are able to leverage gear and traits from peoples across the quadrant, breaking free from the limiting training of a single culture and a single people. Working together and learning from one another, these disparate groups are becoming something far more than they ever were apart.

You can take advantage of this, too, Captains, with the Elite Bridge Officer Boost token. Purchase one of these tokens to upgrade one of the Bridge Officers on your account, similar to the Elite Captain Upgrades for Captains. Applying a token to your Bridge Officer will instantly add:

  •     Upgrade to Ultra Rare, upgrading all Inherent Traits to maximum rank for their respective types
  •     Learn all standard Bridge Officer abilities (see the Upgrade Token details for a complete list)
  •     1 Kit Frame Slot
  •     1 Person Ground Trait Slot
  •     1 Device Slot


These slots allow Bridge Officers to learn Ground Personal Traits, previously only the domain of Captains. The gain access to a default list based on their species. When the Captain acquires a new trait, they will be presented with a choice of which character to teach it to, opening the door for massively increased Bridge Officer customization. Note that a few traits, such as those which modify Captain powers or the Bond With Life trait, cannot be learned by Bridge Officers – these are marked as such in their More Details section. These tokens only apply to one character at a time, so make sure to apply them to the Bridge Officer you want to use them on.

The Elite Bridge Officer Upgrade Token retails for 500 Zen for a single token, or you can buy a bundle of four for 1200 Zen. However! From 8 AM on 9/13 to 10 AM on 9/19, both the bundle of four and the single tokens will be 20% off! Grab them at a discount while you can!

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