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Star Trek Online

STO Spring Sale!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 14 Apr 2022 08:00:00 AM PDT

It's a time of renewal, Captains, and also a time of sales! Starting right now, a galaxy full of sales will be available for Star Trek Online on PC, Xbox and Playstation! Want to save on Zen, or ships, or Jem'Hadar equipment? All of that will be possible, just as the flowers are blooming on Earth. And the...blood flowers are blooming on Qo'nos. And the Epohhs are blooming on New Romulus. And Quark is doing something that probably could be called blooming in his bar on DS9. Look, it's not spring everywhere, but you get savings anyway! Here's all the sales that you'll find on all three platforms, some of which you've heard about, some of which are brand new!


PC Spring Sale 4/14 – 4/18:

  • 20% Zen Charge Bonus: 4/14 – 4/18
  • 50% Legendary Dominion Captain Bundle Sale: 4/14 – 4/28
  • 25% Off All Dominion Related Zen Store items: 4/14 – 4/18
  • 20% Ship Sale: 4/14 – 4/18
  • Gamma Recruit Event: 4/14 – 5/3
  • Marks weekend: 4/14 – 4/18


Console Spring Sale 4/14 – 4/18:

  • 20% Zen Sale: 4/14 – 4/18
  • Mudd’s Lost in the DQ Choice Pack Launch: 4/14
  • 50% Mudd’s Lost in the DQ Choice Pack Sale: 4/14 – 4/28
  • 20% Ship Sale: 4/14 – 4/18
  • Phoenix Event: 4/14 – 4/21
  • Marks weekend: 4/14 – 4/18


Let's prance among the flowers or the stars, Captains, and we'll see you there!


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