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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 1/27/22

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 26 Jan 2022 11:01:56 PM PST


  • Resolved incorrect binding rules on the Dilithium Destabilizer universal console.  
    • It is now Bind on Equip, instead of Bind on Pickup.  
    • Existing versions of this Console will be updated and unbound. 
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing KDF Aligned Captains from accessing Rura Penthe in the Beta Penthe System.  
  • Long description text on the Emerald Chain Lock Box have been updated for accuracy regarding its contents. 
  • Short description on all Bridge Officer Manual packs received from Lock Boxes have been updated for accuracy regarding their contents. 
  • Descriptions and Name on Emerald Lock Box Kit Frame reward pack have been repaired. 
  • Episode “Red Shift” updates:  
    • Added a Waypoint to the mission step, “Discuss the New Plan”.  
    • Resolved an issue where certain Borg powers could interfere with healing abilities.  


Known Issues:  

  • There is a known issue that is preventing The Emperor’s Sword from being upgraded. 
  • There is a known issue in the new episode, “Red Shift”, where Captains who have no powers in their quick bar will not be able to access certain special abilities.  
  • There is a known issue causing a cutscene to sometimes play twice when playing “Red Shift” while in a team.  


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