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Star Trek Online

A New Slot for EV Suits!

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 02 Nov 2021 07:00:00 AM PDT

Captains, the day has come. Engineers, working closely with all members of the Khitomer Alliance, have discovered a way to make miniaturized Environmental Suits, that automatically grow and surround their owners when they are entering a hostile environment that requires additional life support. This new miniaturization system has already been applied to EV suits equipped across Alliance Members and their allies, so Captains and their crews should have nothing to do in order to activate this new technology. Except for choosing which EV Suit they’d like to use, that is.

All Captains and Bridge Officers within Star Trek Online now have a new slot in their inventory, specifically designed for equipping and Environmental Suit. This slot can only equip EV Suits, and is now the only place EV suits can be equipped. If your character was wearing an EV Suit as their main armor, it has been automatically unequipped and placed in your inventory. Simply place the suit in the new slot to have access to it. You’ll be able to switch between your standard armor and the EV suit at any time, choosing which stats, passives, set bonuses, and other effects you use. You will not be able to benefit from armor and EV Suit stats at the same time.

Your EV Suit of choice will automatically equip when you enter a hostile environment. When that occurs, you’ll begin using the stats of the Environmental Suit, and not the stats of your equipped armor. If you do not have an EV Suit equipped, then a default one will activate. However, this default suit has no stats at all, so you will likely wish to equip a suit in the new slot. While you’re in a hazardous area, you will be unable to manually deactivate the EV suit. While you’re in the EV Suit in any environment, you’ll have a new ability that allows you to manually activate and deactivate the lights on your suit.

Mission Objectives throughout the game that pertained to your EV Suit have been updated, so go take this new feature for a spin through some of your favorite content! We hope you enjoy this new feature, Captains, and we’ll see you in the Final Frontier.



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