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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 9/14/21

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 13 Sep 2021 07:20:00 PM PDT

Event – Equal and Opposite: 

  • This Featured Event will be a standalone event, separate from the Event Campaign. This new event will provide participating Captains with an epic reward: Mirror Universe Gagarin Warship (T6). 
    • Captains can earn one daily progress per account per day by playing any of the following: 
      • New Episode: Firewall 
      • New TFO: Operation: Wolf 
      • Episode: Jabberwock 
      • TFO: Counterpoint 
  • Rewards:  
    • Accruing a total of 20 points of Daily Progress will allow you to claim the Mirror Universe Gagarin Warship (T6) 
    • Bonus Rewards: 
      • The first character on your account that claims the Grand Prize will also receive the following:  
        • 8x Terran Empire Agony Phaser Weapon Packs which each contain your choice of starship weapon type. 
        • 3x Ultimate Tech Upgrade - Beam/Cannon/Projectile Tech which may be used to upgrade any starship weaponry. 
      • After claiming the Grand Prize, you will unlock the option of earning additional Dilithium Ore each day, beginning at 8,000 Dilithium Ore for the first day’s completion.  
    • Zen Buyout Option:  
      • For players interested in instantly completing the Only Equal and Opposite event, we will be offering an updated method for buying out. 
        • Within the new Event UI, an option will be presented that allows you to purchase the remaining progress that you need, for a scaling amount of Zen. 

For more information, please visit the “Equal and Opposite” blog at: 

New Content:  

  • Discover "Firewall" a brand new Episode being featured in the Mission Journal as well as being included as part of the event!  
  • Participate in the in the new Task Force Operation, “Operation: Wolf”. 

For more information, please visit the “Infiltrate and Destroy in Operation: Wolf!” blog at: 

Elite Captain Training Token:  

  • This new system will allow Captains to upgrade beyond their current limits, adding new slots similar to the Experimental Ship Upgrades for Ships.  
  • The Elite Captain Training Tokens will unlock the following on your Captain:  
    • 1 Personal Space Trait Slot 
    • 1 Personal Ground Trait Slot 
    • 1 Device Slot 
    • 1 Kit Module Slot 

For more information, please visit the “Make Your Captain One of the Elite!” blog at: 


  • Added additional optimizations to various UI windows to improve performance. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Genesis Seed planetoid could sometimes be affected, or even destroyed, by powers from external sources. 
  • Updated the description on the Fleet Sech Strike Wing Escort to match the console layout present on the actual ship. 

Known Issues: 

  • The Elite Captain Training System can be accessed in Space Maps but only works on ground maps. 
  • Playing Firewall in a team of 4-5 will sometimes cause enemies to spawn inside an asteroid in the space map blocking progress. 
  • There is a known issue when playing Firewall that can occur if a Captain is killed by the leaking plasma conduits, you will respawn in a position that will prevent progressing through the Episode. 


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