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Star Trek Online

The Legendary Romulan Warbird Bundle!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 05 Aug 2021 09:00:00 AM PDT

The Romulan Empire is a place of conflict, both open and secret. Over the years, they've developed countless powerful starships, able to slip through enemy lines and deliver missions of fear or mercy. In the year 2411, the battle between the newly formed Romulan Republic and the Tal Shiar still wages on. And two of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of both factions are two of the most classic and powerful Romulan Starships: The D'Deridex, and the Scimitar. Now, these two ships are gaining Legendary editions, a celebration of each ship that includes every look, console, and trait these ships have had in Star Trek Online, and one new look for each ship!

The Legendary Romulan Warbird Bundle will retain in the Zen Store for 12,000 Zen, but will be 35% off from August 12th to August 19th. It contains the following:


  • [T6] Legendary Scimitar Intel Dreadnought Warbird
  • [T6] Legendary D'deridex Miracle Worker Warbird Battlecruiser
  • 1 Coupon for a Free C-store T6 Ship
  • 2 Experimental Ship Upgrade Tokens 
  • 2 Ship Slots
  • 3 Infinity Promo Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Packs
  • TOS Era Romulan Uniform
  • TNG Era Romulan Uniform
  • Reman Uniform
  • Reman Species


Click the buttons below for more information on the ships!



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