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Star Trek Online

The Voice of Time

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 18 Jan 2021 09:00:00 AM PST

Ageless. Immortal. The son of a Queen and a Spy. Tenavik is the guardian of the Time Crystals, on the planet Boreth, the holiest star in the Klingon Empire. This planet is where Kahless was destined to return, and indeed did return, of a sort. Now, the secrets of Boreth will bring about a new era for the Klingons - but not before our key players meet with Tenavik himself.

In an upcoming update to Star Trek Online, the character of Tenavik will appear, as portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell on Star Trek: Discovery. Kenneth was originally going to portray the character for this update, and was incredibly excited to return to the role. Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances made that impossible. Instead, Kenneth hand chose an actor to take his place, a name that might be familiar to Star Trek Online fans: Sam Witwer.

In addition to being a famous voice actor, known for playing some of our favorite baddies in other universes, Sam is also a gigantic fan of Star Trek Online. He's played our game for many years, and expressed several times that he'd like to join the cast. That the stars aligned to let him step into Kenneth's shoes, for a little bit, was wonderful. For the recording sesssion, Kenneth Mitchell sat in and coached Sam on how to portray the character, ensuring Sam's incredible talent was bent towards a pitch perfect performance of Tenavik.

We'll have more information about this update coming soon, but in the meantime, check out this video from earlier this year, when we interviewed Sam about his love for Star Trek and STO:



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