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Star Trek Online

Mudd's Choice Pack of Dread

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 16 Nov 2020 09:00:00 AM PST

My dearest friends and greatest customers, I'm afraid we have come upon the moment you all...dread. Apologies, little joke, no no, don't leave! You see, I, Harcourt Fenton Mudd, have called you all here to this undisclosed location untouched by the squabbles of a Klingon Empire trying to tear itself apart, to bring you the ships that will make the galaxy fear you! You can see them now, looming over us, the greatest weapons of some of the Federation - or is it the Alliance, I get so easily confused these days - some of their greatest enemies. The Tholians have tangled our heroes in their webs so many times, and now the power of their Tarantula Dreadnought could be yours! When the Hur'q emerged from their long sleep, the Vecrid Hive Dreadnought came with them, and nearly brought the galaxy to ruin. Now, so can you! And the self-serving, merciless forces of the Terran Empire have their own Temporal Dreadnought, the Paradox - well, not their own, because soon it will belong to you! Yes, my dear, dear friends, these items and more are available for purchase, simply form an orderly line - sir, I said orderly, do not push that Ferengi again. Haha! Yes, the highest class of customers here at Mudd's Market, folks.


Mudd has returned with another Choice Pack, this one giving you a choice of three Dreadnoughts, and some other fabulous items. Each time you purchase the pack, you can choose any three of the items listed below. The pack will release on November 20th, and the full price will be 29500 Zen, but you’ll be able to purchase it until November 30th for 50% off, at 14,750 Zen. It includes:

  • Hur'q Vecrid Hive Dreadnought (T6)
  • Tholian Tarantula Dreadnought (T6)
  • Temporal Paradox Dreadnought (T6)
  • [50x Pack] Master Keys
  • [2x Pack] 100% Off T6 Ship Coupons
  • [10x Pack] Ultimate Tech Upgrades


Here’s some frequently asked questions, for your perusal.

Each time I buy this pack, I get to choose any three items?

Yes! Even if you only purchase it once, the Mudd’s Choice of Dread Bundle allows you to choose any three of the above ships, keys, coupons or upgrades. You can choose multiples of the same item, as long as it’s not a ship. Some of the possibilities include:

  • The Hur'q, Tholian and Temporal Dreadnoughts
  • The Tholian Tarantula and two of the Master Key Packs, totaling 100 Master Keys
  • Three of the T6 100% Off Ship Coupon packs, for a total of six Coupons
  • The Hur'q Vecrid Hive Dreadnought, 50 Master Keys, and 10 Ultimate Tech Upgrades
  • And more!


Are the ships bound to the character that buys them?

Nope! The ships are account unlocks, like everything in the Zen Store. Once you purchase the bundle and choose any of the ships, you unlock that ship for all your characters, immediately, and all future characters.

Can I claim a second ship of the same type?

Also no. Because the ships are unlocked for your entire account, you only need to choose each ship once. Therefore, should you purchase a bundle and choose the Tarantula Dreadnought and two non-ship items, if you purchase a second bundle, you won’t be able to choose the Tarantula Dreadnought again.

But I can choose the non-ship items again?

You sure can. You can choose master keys, coupons, and gold tech upgrades up to three times each, per purchase of the bundle.

Even within the same purchase?

That’s right. If you only want Keys, you can purchase this bundle once, choose the Keys three times, and get 150 Keys. It’s up to you!

Do I have to purchase more than one bundle to get all six items?


Do I have to purchase more than one bundle?

No! If you just want the ships, or any other combination, just purchase it once, claim the three items you want, and never think of it again.

Do I have to purchase this bundle?

That’s really up to you, friend.

The heck is a Dreadnought, anyway?

 It's the name of an old Battleship that became synonymous with big, bad, ships. It literally means what it says, "dread nought," or "fear nothing."

But, in STO terms?

Oh, my bad! According to STOwiki: "Dreadnoughts are large, powerful vessels built upon the design of smaller ships, with additional capabilities for improved combat performance. This comes in the form of the ability to equip dual cannons and to deploy Hangar Pets from one Hangar Bay slot. They have a strong hull and average shields, 3 or 4 device slots, low turn rate and inertia. Dreadnought Cruisers, Dreadnought Carriers and Heavy Dreadnoughts have mastery package unique to their class. Dreadnoughts can also be considered heavier version of other ship types so they can feature other mechanics that differ from their base ship type - cloak capability, an extra forward weapon slot (5-3 instead of 4-4), or some other built-in ability which depends on the type of a Dreadnought or faction it belongs to."

Won't these terrifying alien races be wanting their ships back?

Look at the time! Gotta go! All sales are final!

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