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Star Trek Online

The Angel's Wake Lock Box

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 25 Jun 2020 09:00:00 AM PDT

Meddling in the timeline is prohibited by almost all galactic powers in one way or another, but when values are in conflict a hierarchy must emerge. The Iconian War set that prohibition against life itself, and while records are tightly sealed, temporal disturbances were recorded by independent observers across the quadrant. We have recently learned that this, at least for Starfleet, was not a unique instance. An entity called the Red Angel meddled repeatedly in what has been termed the ‘prime timeline’, giving credence to the notion its primacy refers to its favorable outcome. The Angel’s actions were seen as a moral duty: values held by life mean nothing to cold, dead rock.  

In this way have morals and ethics always conflicted with practicality in Star Trek. A culture’s principles must eventually weigh against each other. Brutal decisions creep ever closer, we cannot always find clean ways out, and those moments tilt the true scales of morality. We are unable to discover answers, only outcomes. The Red Angel did what they felt was right, and in their wake we are privileged to pick up the pieces and judge. In doing so, each of us prepares ourselves. When cleverness fails you, when the test of history is upon you, you must choose what will be left in your wake.

The Lobi Consortium understands such things better than most. Ferengi are typically inoculated against this moral burden that aches the lobes. Answers come from a spreadsheet and judgement goes to the lowest bidder. It’s a clean monopoly of conscience, and the Consortium is quite happy to provide all manner of technology scavenged from the Red Angel’s wreckage. The only costs are fiscal when the only good is latinum.




Captains opening the Angel’s Wake Lock Box may find themselves fortunate enough to win the Ba'ul Science Intel Spearhead [T6].  It is the apex of Ba'ul ship design. Powerful defensive capabilities ensure it's no pushover for any invaders to the area it guards, and its synchronization with other Sentry Vessels allows it to transform any contested space into an unyielding place, inhospitable to all its foes.

A powerful Universal Console can be acquired in the Angel’s Wake Lock Box: the Temporal Anomaly Projector. Activating this console projects a Temporal Anomaly toward the target. This Temporal Anomaly will follow the target ship and stop on contact. It will damage and disable the weapons of enemy ships in its area, both while it seeks its target and after it stops. It also provides moderate bonuses to Antiproton, Physical, and Radiation Damage. Finally, it improves Shield Regeneration.

A new Starship Trait is also available: Onboard Dilithium Recrystallizer. Activating an Engineering Bridge Officer Ability adds Power to whichever Subsystem has the least Power for a short duration. Then, for each non-Weapon Subsystem at maximum Power, the ship gains Bonus Damage for a moderate duration. Only the largest Bonus Damage applies if this triggers more than once.

 (Additional information on the above starship will be contained in a separate Developer Blog.)


The Angel’s Wake Lock Box also has new Space and Ground weapons inside the Ba’ul Antiproton Weapon Pack. Ba’ul technology uses novel means of manipulating the flow of antiprotons, causing cascading resonance in enemies that can be harnessed to additional effect. These weapons are available as beams and cannon in space, and on the ground as pistol, two kinds of rifle, and heavy assault weapons. The standard Antiproton effect is replaced with Ba’ul Refraction, causing each shot fired to chain to an additional nearby target for a bit of extra damage. Rarely, weapon packs contain the Ba’ul Vanity Shield, providing the aesthetics of the Ba'ul Science Intel Spearhead to a ship that equips it in its vanity shield slot. 

Captains may also acquire Angel’s Wake Kit Module packs. Two of these Kit Modules are universal, and can be used by any class. The rest are restricted to their specific class, as they are the Captain version of the Bridge Officer Training Manuals also offered in the Angel’s Wake Lockbox.

Universal Kit Module - Ba’ul Obelisk

  • Deploys a Ba'ul Obelisk. The Obelisk can network together with others deployed by the Captain and even their allies; each captain can deploy up to three Obelisks, while up to fifteen Obelisks can contribute damage to the network. The network will only unleash one attack at a time, but the damage of the attack will be greater than a similar number of individual Obelisks. Captains are advised that very large networks will typically dramatically overkill weaker foes with a single shot, though some--especially those in the KDF--find they enjoy the spectacle.


Universal Kit Module - Ba’ul Drone

  • Deploys a Ba'ul Drone. This drone is designed to suppress Foes, engaging them in melee and restraining them with shackles that Hold them. After being Held, a Foe is immune to the shackles for a period of time. The drone is more fragile than most, but can easily be replaced -- when it is destroyed, most of the remaining Recharge time is refunded.


Career Kit Modules

  • Engineering Kit Module – Shield Reinforcement Network IV
    • Deploys a Turret that protects allies around it. Allies in the area and who enter after receive temporary Health via a protective shield bubble. The amount of Health improves based on how many allies are affected, and though the bubble's strength is fixed once it forms, allies in the area at formation receive the benefit of each other’s presence.
  • Science Kit Module – Temporal Anomaly Containment IV
    • Deploys a Turret that tractors a targeted Foe toward itself and Taunts it. If the Foe dies during the effect, the Turret will select a new target on its own.  
  • Tactical Kit Module – Tactical EMP Bombardment IV
    • Bombards target area with EMP charges from orbit, devastating machine and incorporeal Foes and disabling the mechanical abilities of all Foes in the area of the blasts. 


Accordingly, new Bridge Officer Training Manuals can also be found inside the Angel’s Wake Lock Box. Fit for Lieutenant through Commander rank, they represent the I, II, and III version of the above career-specific Kit Modules.

  • Engineering: Shield Reinforcement Network I, II, and III
  • Science: Temporal Anomaly Containment I, II, and III
  • Tactical: Tactical EMP Bombardment I, II, and III


New Captain’s Traits are also available within the Angel’s Wake Lock Box. They are universal and available to all species.

  • Ground: Tenavik’s Counsel
  • Antiproton and Damage Over Time Kit Modules and Weapons apply an additional Antiproton DoT to your foe. Does not apply to Damage Over Time caused by deployed creatures and objects, such as Exothermic Induction Field.
  • Ground: Supersaturated Katra Stones
  • Chance when Damaged to target the attacker with an Area of Effect Psionic attack. Each attacker can only be targeted once per 30 seconds.
  • Space: Intelligence Agent Attaché
  • Weapon Critical Strikes restore a small amount of Captain Ability recharge time.
  • Space: Fragment of AI Tech
  • Improves Control Expertise. Improves Energy Weapon Damage based on Control Expertise. 


There are many other prizes within the Angel’s Wake Lock Box for players to acquire, such as the Ba'ul Vanity Shield, R&D Packs, Boosts, and other assorted items. 

The Lobi Store also has new items available for purchase:

Ba'ul Linked Sentry Space Set

  • Ba'ul Linked Sentry Coordination Matrix

This Console improves Antiproton Damage and Hull Capacity, as well as periodically clearing Control debuffs from the ship.

  • Ba'ul Linked Sentry Antiproton Kinetic Torpedo

The Ba'ul Antiproton Torpedo deals heavy kinetic damage to the target enemy, unlike other Antiproton Torpedoes. Like Ba'ul energy weapons, it causes an antiproton cascade to a second ship for additional damage.

  • Ba'ul Linked Sentry Antiproton Omni

The Ba'ul Linked Sentry Antiproton Omni is integrated directly with the ship's structural integrity field, allowing it to sync heat across the entire hull. It fires more rapidly than a normal Omni Beam Array.

  • 2-piece Set Bonus: Oppressive Balance

All Ba’ul Antiproton weapons chain an additional time. Other Antiproton weapons gain Ba’ul Refraction. Ba’ul Refraction gains significant Bonus Damage.

  • 3-piece Set Bonus: Predator, Prey

Active: Remove all debuffs from your ship. Gain massive Control Resistance and Bonus Antiproton Damage for a moderate duration.



Jon “20thCenturyFaux” Herlache

Systems Designer

Star Trek Online



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