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Star Trek Online

More New Items in Mudd's Market!

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 14 Apr 2020 09:00:00 AM PDT

My friends. My dearest, truest friends. It is, of course, I, Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Gentleman of the Stars, and the one man to offer the greatest deals in the entire galaxy, directly to you! There are some that say the Khitomer Alliance itself was formed just to end my little enterprise, but no matter the chains the governments of any quadrant try to put on me, you just can’t keep a good Mudd down. I stand here before you – bzzt – to show you the latest and greatest in my inventory, which I am willing to part with for prices that are simply, as my very good friend Mr. Spock would have said, illogical. What do we have on offer this time? Step closer, friends, into this well hidden hangar, and I shall show you!

Is not Benthan technology the most beautiful you’ve ever seen? This assault cruiser used to be a wildly rare object, coveted by many, but now I have in hand a stock of them, and they can be yours! Ah, you Madam, I see you have an eye for quality. That box contains weapons of the Corrosive Plasma variety, perfect to outfit on your starship for personal protection, or perhaps – bzzt – a little legal hunting! Yes. And over here, the final new addition, take a look at this satellite. It was once used by Klingon forces to make war upon the Federation over Prior’s World, but now we are all friends, yes? I see no issue in everyone getting the chance to use it for their own devices. Now, please, wallets at the ready, folks, and do form an orderly line!


Mudd has added three new items to his store on all platforms! They are:

  • T6 Benthan Assault Cruiser
  • Corrosive Weapons Pack
  • Priors World Defense Satellite


All three will be available starting this Thursday, April 16th, and the entire Mudd’s Market will be on sale for 60% off from April 16th at 8am PT to April 20th at 10am PT! Don’t miss a sale like this, Captains.


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