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Star Trek Online

Legendary Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 10 Feb 2020 09:00:00 AM PST

Just like those that crew her, the Legendary Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier represents the best of Starfleet. Inspired by Captain Pike’s U.S.S. Enterprise from 2257, the Legendary Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier incorporates Molecular Reconstruction, Reinforcing Squadrons, five forward weapons and two hangar bays into a durable hull that can face the demands of destiny without fear.

Legendary Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier Stats

Tier: 6
Faction: Federation and Federation Aligned
Hull Modifier: 1.4
Shield Modifier: 1.3
Fore Weapons: 5
Aft Weapons: 3
Device Slots: 4
Bridge Officer Stations: Lieutenant Tactical, Ensign Engineering, Commander
Engineering/Temporal Operative, Lieutenant Commander Science,
Lieutenant Commander Universal/Temporal Operative
Consoles: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 4 Science (scales with level)
Can Equip Dual Cannons
Base Turn Rate: 7
Impulse Modifier: .16
Inertia: 35
+5 Weapons Power, +5 Shield Power, +10 Auxiliary Power
2 Hangar bays, equipped with Tactical Flyers
Console - Universal - Reinforcing Squadrons
Molecular Reconstruction
Cruiser Command Array
  • Command - Attract Fire
  • Command – Shield Frequency Modulation
Starship Mastery Package (Flight-Deck Carrier)
  • Absorptive Plating (+Kinetic and Physical Damage Resistance)
  • Rapid Repairs (+Regeneration)
  • Quick Deployment (+Hangar Launch Recharge)
  • Enhanced Plating (+Energy and Radiation Damage Resistance)
  • Polarized Lattice-Optimized Tritanium Armor (Starship Trait)
  • NEW: Weaponized Time Crystals (Account-Unlocked Starship Trait)
    Activating Weapon Firing Modes adds Chroniton distortions to the weapon attacks,
    applying a stacking Antiproton damage over time effect on the enemy ship.
    These distortions accumulate almost indefinitely, eventually tearing the
    ship's temporal reference field apart.
Admiralty Stats
  • Eng: 49
  • Sci: 35
  • Tac: 33
  • Special: +10 Eng per SciShip

New Visual Variant: Eaves Constitution Concept

The Legendary Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier includes a brand-new visual variant: the Constitution "Gamma" variant. This variant is inspired by John Eaves' original concept art for the U.S.S. Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: Discovery. It features a less reflective material, straight nacelle pylons, a smaller deflector, and an enclosed bridge module.

Other Included Variants

In addition to the brand-new parts, the Legendary Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier includes all of the following starship visual variants:



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