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Star Trek Online

Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 28 Jan 2020 05:40:44 PM PST

The Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser is Starfleet’s latest innovation in the super-capital line of starships. After analyzing the performance of the Odyssey class during the Iconian War and Hur’q Invasion, Starfleet engineers have implemented a variety of recommendations made by Chief Engineer Kirayoshi O’Brien and Captain Va’Kel Shon of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-F). These alterations include an improved hangar deck to accommodate small craft operations, large command and control systems for fleet coordination, and dual-cannon hardpoints for increased firepower. Of course, the Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser retains the Odyssey class’ impressive suite of existing capabilities and still represents one of the most advanced starships in Starfleet’s armada.

Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser Stats

Tier: 6
Faction: Federation and Federation Aligned
Hull Modifier: 1.4
Shield Modifier: 1.25
Fore Weapons: 4
Aft Weapons: 4
Device Slots: 4
Bridge Officer Stations: Lieutenant Commander Tactical, Commander Engineering/Command,
Lieutenant Commander Science, Lieutenant Universal, Ensign Universal
4 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science (scales with level)
Base Turn Rate: 6
Impulse Modifier: .14
Inertia: 30
+5 to All Power Levels
Can equip dual cannons
1 Hangar Bay, loaded with Type 8 Shuttles
Console - Universal - Chevron Separation
Console - Universal - Work Bees
Console - Universal - Aquarius Escort
Console - Universal - Adaptive Emergency Systems
Console - Universal - Violent Dampening Wave
Console - Universal - Fleet Weapon Acceleration
Inspiration Abilities:
  • Turn the Tide
  • Against All Odds
  • Battle Preparation
Cruiser Command Array
  • Command - Attract Fire
  • Command – Weapon System Efficiency
Starship Ability Package (Cruiser)
  • Rapid Repairs (+Hull Regeneration)
  • Enhanced Hull Plating (+Energy Damage Resistance Rating)
  • Devastating Weaponry (+Critical Chance)
  • Armored Hull (+Max Hull Capacity)
  • Checkmate, Super Charged Weapons, Adaptive Hull Plating (Starship Traits)
  • NEW:Continuing Mission (Account-Unlocked Starship Trait)
    While you are affected by a Command Bridge Officer Ability or a Science, Tactical, or
    Engineering Fleet Captain Ability, your team receives improved Maximum Hull.
    Additionally, they receive improved Hull Regeneration that increases as their ship takes damage.
Admiralty Stats
  • Eng: 50
  • Sci: 32
  • Tac: 35
  • Special: +8 SCI and TAC per EngShip

New Visual Variant: Verity Class Dreadnought Cruiser

The Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser includes a brand-new visual variant: The Verity Class Dreadnought Cruiser. Named after the U.S.S. Verity seen in the Picard Countdown comic, the design of the Verity is more directly inspired by Adam Ihle's original contest submission to the Design the Enterprise fan contest that ultimately led to the Star Trek Online's Odyssey class.

Other Included Variants

In addition to the brand-new parts, the Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser includes all of the following starship visual variants:



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