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Star Trek Online

Rejoin the Jem'Hadar Recruits!

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 21 Oct 2019 08:00:00 AM PDT

To coincide with the soon-to-be-announced Dominion-themed additions to our Lifetime Subscription and Veteran Rewards, we have decided to re-run the Gamma Recruitment Event, originally released for a limited time only along the Victory is Life expansion in 2019. Join us in re-visiting the Dominion’s first forays into the Alliance, and re-live their entry into the galactic neighborhood of Star Trek Online.

From October 24th at 9am PT – November 14th at 10am PT, new Dominion captains will be known as Gamma Recruits, and they will be bred with the knowledge and capability needed to defeat even the toughest of threats, save the Dominion, and ensure its future dominance over the Gamma Quadrant.

As with previous recruitment events, the Gamma Recruitment Event represents an unprecedented opportunity for getting a leg-up on progression. Not only do Gamma Recruits themselves benefit from additional rewarding tasks while the event is active, but they will also be capable of earning additional account-wide rewards for all characters on the Gamma Recruit’s account.

While Jem’Hadar characters already begin their career at Level 60, Gamma Recruits are offered further opportunity to rapidly close the gap that exists between new characters and characters that have been in Star Trek Online for years. Recruitment events like this one are very new-player friendly, helping them get up to speed quickly, making it the perfect time to join the community of Star Trek Online.

Gamma Recruits will find out quickly that they have been selected to participate in a series of special operations. These will help to prepare for combating many galactic threats, and operating alongside new allies from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Their handlers within the Dominion will issue a special Transponder device, allowing a new UI element to be accessed which will display these additional objectives.

Completing these goals will see the Gamma Recruit rewarded with Reputation Marks, Energy Credits, Dilithium, Expertise, and other rewards specifically designed to offer additional aid to Jem’Hadar characters starting the game at high level. Similar rewards will also be earned that may be used by all characters on the same account.

A few specific unique rewards will also be available only via the Gamma Recruit system. Here are just a few examples of the tasks that will be set before Gamma Recruits, and what they may earn upon completion:

  • Reach Level 4 in any six Duty Officer Commendation Categories:
    • Epic Jem’Hadar Warfare Specialist Duty Officer
  • Reach Level 10 in any three Admiralty Campaigns:
    • +1 Admiralty Assignment Slot
    • Admiralty Ship:  Odo’s Flagship
  • Spend a total of 90 Specialization Points:
    • Improved Secondary Specialization Traits
      • Improved Demolition Teams
      • Improved Arrest
      • Improved Unconventional Tactics


As you can see, many of the same things that players do while playing and levelling their characters will earn Gamma Recruits improved rewards!

Gamma Recruits can only be created during the Gamma Recruitment event. These recruits can be recognized by the Gamma Symbol (γ) next to their names. All Gamma Recruits will have an inherent bonus trait during the Gamma Recruit Event of generating Salvage upon defeating enemies, a bonus which extends to your entire group. This trait will only be available during this event and will be gone once the Gamma Recruitment event ends, so gather your Salvage while you can, and use it to Re-Engineer your equipment to your exact standards!

There’s far too many bonuses and rewards available to list them all here, but luckily, the wonderful people at STOWiki have a full list of rewards. Get ready to make your Gamma Recruit, and enhance your entire account with the spoils of victory. After all, Victory is Life!

Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Lead Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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