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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 7/2/19

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 01 Jul 2019 04:05:26 PM PDT

Summer Event:

  • The Annual Lohlunat Festival returns with all your favorite activities!
  • Earn Lohlunat Prize Vouchers (2019) and exchange them for the updated Risian corvette [T6]
  • This year will see the introduction of four new uniforms:
    • Bozeman Titans – Home
    • Bozeman Titans – Away
    • Deneb V Slime Devils – Home
    • Deneb V Slime Devils – Away
  • Bozeman Titans and  Denebian Slime Devils themed Floaters and Powerboards.
  • For the first time ever, Team-Themed Vanity Shields:
    • Deep Space Niners
    • Vulcan Logicians
    • Caitian Claws
    • Ferenginar Liquidators
    • Bozeman Titans
    • Deneb V Slime Devils
  • New Baseball – Ground Device!
    • Play catch with a friend.
    • Spending time with a ball and glove can give you and your chosen partner a boost to morale that acts as a combat buff for some time.
  • All new food and drink items!
    • Blueberries
    • Egg White Burrito
    • Green Juice (Extra Green)
    • Spumoni Ice Cream
    • Jipper
  • Three unique audio emotes can be unlocked for use on Starships
    • Charge!
    • Warm Up
    • Old Ball Game
  • For more information, please visit our Summer Event blogs at:


  • Resolved an issue that was causing chest hair on Risa to clip through the chest.


  • Resolved an issue that could possibly allow a player to get stuck inside of the shuttle during “Impossibility of Reason”.

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