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Star Trek Online

The 2019 Risian Lohlunat Festival!

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 24 Jun 2019 09:00:00 AM PDT

It is time again for Risa’s annual Lohlunat Festival, and with it some much needed R&R for Captains from all corners of the Milky Way.

From July 2nd to August 15th, the residents of Suraya Bay and the Lobi Crystal Consortium have once again partnered to bring festival participants the highest quality wares. This year’s celebration will launch simultaneously on PC, Xbox and PS4, allowing players of Star Trek Online to get into the summertime spirit regardless of their platform of choice.

This year’s celebration includes the chance to exchange Lohlunat Prize Vouchers (2019) for the updated Risian corvette [T6]!  A detailed Dev Blog containing full stats and description for this speedy starship will be published separately, which will also include a brand new ship-related feature that we’re excited to reveal. Don’t blink or you might miss it!

As for other Risa activities, all of your old favorites from previous years will be returning, including Powerboard Races, the Biathlon, Horga’hn Hunting, Scavenging with Sovak, and of course the galaxy-famous Dance Party.

Also like previous years, we’re loading up the Summer Event Store with new prizes for you to earn. All of the following new store offerings can be purchased using Lohlunat Favors, earned by participating in various events around the island. We’re continuing the baseball theme introduced during last year’s event, to offer new colorful variants of some of the prizes you’ve loved seeing during previous Summer Events.

Players may access the Event Store by completing the “Unlock the Summer Event Prize Vendor” Event Reputation project, then spend their Favors to purchase:

Costumes – Baseball Uniforms

This year will see the introduction of four new uniforms, direct from the sports section of your favorite holodeck simulations of the modern Federation and Milky Way Leagues.

  • Bozeman Titans – Home
  • Bozeman Titans – Away
  • Deneb V Slime Devils – Home
  • Deneb V Slime Devils – Away

Impulsive Floaters and Powerboards (Ground Devices)

This year’s Impulsive offerings are just as fast as last year’s, but also just as difficult to control – all that speed comes with a price for the rookie pilot!

Pick up yours today, themed after either the Bozeman Titans or Denebian Slime Devils!

Team-Themed Vanity Shields

Now available for the first time ever, represent you team pride by washing your starship in the colors of their uniforms!

  • Deep Space Niners
  • Vulcan Logicians
  • Caitian Claws
  • Ferenginar Liquidators
  • Bozeman Titans
  • Deneb V Slime Devils

Food and Drink Items

Historical records recently recovered from the time of the U.S.S. Discovery have indicated these recipes (some old, some new) are among some of the favorites of its revered crew.

  • Blueberries
  • Egg White Burrito
  • Green Juice (Extra Green)
  • Spumoni Ice Cream
  • Jipper


Rumor has it that a previously undocumented sub-breed of tribble was discovered cavorting among a shipment of this food on its way to the Pleasure Planet, so please store your food products responsibly.



Baseball (Ground Device)

Ever fancy a nice, casual game of catch? Pick up a genuine baseball today, and enjoy a little of the ol’ back-and-forth with a friend. Spending time with a ball and glove can give you and your chosen partner a boost to morale that acts as a combat buff for some time. Also useful as a pre-game warm-up at the start of any ground-based Task Force Operation!


Audio Emotes (Space)

Three unique audio emotes can be unlocked for use on Starships, granting players a brand new way of expressing themselves to other nearby players. These old-timey audio simulations are styled after the organ music and other sounds heard at the ball parks of Earth before the days of interstellar travel.

  • Charge!
  • Warm Up
  • Old Ball Game


Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Lead Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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