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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 6/6/19

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 05 Jun 2019 06:45:32 PM PDT


  • Crystalline Cataclysm Task Force Operation
    • Crystalline Cataclysm returns as a Featured Task Force Operation!
    • This event will last for 3 weeks and Captains can earn an all new reward!
    • Complete the TFO on 14 different days to earn the Black Ops Mine Launcher in addition to marks, dilithium, and three Featured TFO Reward Boxes.
    • This box gives your choice of an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade or a Captain Specialization Point Box.
    • Daily completion will reward a Featured TFO Commendation, rather than the Crystal Shards that were rewarded in the past.
    • There will be a buyout option associated with the Event, which can be purchased from the Zen Store to receive 10 Featured TFO Commendations and 1 Ultimate Tech Upgrade.
  • Black Ops Mine Launcher
    • Black Ops Mine Launcher is a new reward for completing Operation Riposte on 14 different days.
    • The Black Ops Mine Launcher is a weapon which may be slotted into any Aft Weapon Slot on any starship and also will unlock, via the Reclaim tab of the Dilithium Store, for other characters on your account.
      • Blackout Mines: The Kinetic Damage dealt by one of these explosive devices resonates with enemy shields gaining increased damage based on the target's current shield percent – the higher they are, the harder these hit.
      • Blade Mines: These vicious mines will repeatedly attempt to bore along the hull of enemies, causing Physical damage over time, before detonating after a fixed period of time to deal Kinetic damage to enemies in the blast area.
    • For more details, please visit the Return of the Crystalline Entity blog at:
  • Coupon Progress Tokens
    • Earn progress toward a Free Ship by participating each day in the Featured TFO Events that will be running from now until Fall of 2019.
    • Earn Coupon Progress Tokens each day, allowing you to eventually claim a free Tier 6 Starship of your choice from the Zen Store!
  • Event Reputation Project Changes
    • All slotted 14-token projects for the following Events will be automatically completed, regardless of the existing amount of progress made:
      • Crystalline Cataclysm
      • Into the Breach
      • First Contact Day
      • Kobayashi Maru
      • Mirror Universe Invasion
      • Sompek Arena
    • Projects completed in this manner will be awaiting you in your Event Reputation, ready to claim! This process will reward you the items, dilithium ore, and marks, as well as properly unlock Account-Wide reclaim as applicable.
    • All existing tokens used in the aforementioned projects will be automatically removed from players’ inventories, as they will no longer have a purpose going forward.
    • Bonus Projects (those that unlock after completion of the 14-day Project associated with each Event) will be unslotted and made unavailable.
    • At this time, no changes will be made to past Summer, Winter, or Anniversary Ship Projects that are already in-progress on your characters.


  • Adjusted wing animations for the Section 31 Intel Science Destroyer to properly transform during warp.
  • Added Section 31 badge to Male TOS Uniform.
  • Added Section 31 badge for Intel jackets
  • Updated battlecloak to preserve shield overlays while firing under cloak.
  • Fixed priors world mudpot danger FX to make them more visible


  • Improved “Change Active StarShip” Window.
    • Improved resizing of window.
    • Improved icon sizes.
  • Search Filters have been added to the Zen Store.


  • Set minimum sidekick level on New Romulus to 50.
    • This means that all players on New Romulus, regardless of actual level, will be sidekicked (temporarily set) to level 50.
  • Replaced the endeavor to complete Battle at the Binary Stars with Operation: Riposte.
  • Updated the Undine ships that spawn in the Jenolan Dyson sphere at the end of "A Step Between Stars" so that they cannot spawn above level 50.
  • Adjusted mudpot danger FX on Priors World to be more visible.
  • Resolved a misspelling of "Briefing" at the opening of the TFO "Infected: The Conduit"


  • All ranks of the "Teamwork" Trait now display more precise information about their bonuses.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Wide-Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher from correctly coming pre-equipped on certain Assault Cruisers when used at low levels.
    • If this bug happened to you, the item should be reclaimable from the Dilithium Store Reclaim tab.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Invasive Coilgun to deal its additional Electrical Damage on each shot, instead of every 5th shot as intended.
  • Resolved an issue where Grace under Fire required you to lose 25% of your health in 5 seconds to be activated.
    • It now correctly only requires 20%, as the description states.
  • Discovery Marks will now benefit from Bonus Marks Weekends
  • Resolved an issue with the new Wide Angle Dual Heavy Beam Banks where they were dealing much less damage than intended.
  • Buffed the Weapon Category Damage % on the Bellum consoles in the Discovery Legends reputation
  • Resolved an issue that would allow using Weaponized Dark Matter while the player is incapacitated.
  • Resolved an issue with the Non-Baryonic Matter Deflector being unable to re-engineer the 2x Hullcap it starts with.
  • Added icon for Section 31 Phaser Pistols buff.

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