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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 5/14/19

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 13 May 2019 06:11:31 PM PDT

Two New Episodes added to the Age of Discovery Arc:

  • Discover “The Plausibility of the Possible”:
    • Journey to the Priors System in the Beta Quadrant and assist the crew of the U.S.S. Buran.
    • For more information, please visit the “Rise of Discovery: The Plausibility of the Possible” blog at:

  • Continue the storyline with, “The Impossibility of Reason”:
    • Captains will continue the storyline after the events of the “Plausibility of the Possible.”
    • Experience the events that led Ellen Landry to become the hardened Chief of Security aboard the U.S.S. Discovery.
    • For more information, please visit the “Rise of Discovery: The Impossibility of Reason” blog at:

Task Force Operations: Advance and Elite Difficulties Available:

  • Pahvo Dissension has returned as a normal TFO with Advanced and Elite Difficulties.
  • Peril Over Pahvo has returned as a normal TFO with Advanced and Elite Difficulties.
  • Operation Riposte has returned as a normal TFO with Advanced and Elite Difficulties.

Command Tier 6 Ships at Any Level:

  • All Tier 6 Starships owned on an account may now be flown by characters at any level, provided they have completed the Tutorial Experience for their chosen starting faction.
  • Level restrictions on the starships and associated reward packs have been removed.
  • Tier 6 Starships flown at lower levels have reduced stats and capabilities compared to their full potential, approximately matching other ships of the same level, and will grow with you as you level up.
  • All starting equipment ("Standard Issue") that comes pre-equipped on Tier 6 Starships has been changed into scaling versions of those items, usable at any level.
  • Faction-based restrictions on Tier 6 Starships have not been altered as a result of this update.
  • For more information, please visit the “Command Tier 6 Ships at Any Level!” blog at:

Discovery Legends Reputation:

  • This new reputation will be available with Rise of Discovery and will feature all new traits, kit modules, space equipment sets and a ground equipment set, as well as new ground armor and space visuals.
  • Earn Discovery Marks by participating in our newest TFO, “Operation Riposte”, as well as participating in the “Peril Over Pahvo”, “Defense of Starbase One”, or “Pahvo Dissention” TFOs.
  • "Defense of Starbase One" will now offer a choice of Fleet Marks or Discovery Marks on completion.
  • P.stellaviatori Spores can be earned by participating in the Advanced and Elite versions of the “Operation Riposte” TFO, as well as the “Peril Over Pahvo”, “Defense of Starbase One”, or “Pahvo Dissention” TFOs.
  • Rewards:
    • Discovery Marks and P.stellaviatori Spore Canisters can be submitted for Reputation XP and new, high-quality gear acquisitions.
      • Statmets-Tilly Field Modifications (Space Set – 4 Pieces)
      • Lorca’s Ambition (Space Weapon Set – 3 Pieces)
      • Burnham’s Resolve (Ground Set – 3 Pieces)
      • All new Kit Modules and Traits
      • For more information, please visit the “Introducing the Discovery Legends Reputation” blog at:


  • Lighting 2.0 set to be the default setting for most computers on first game load.
  • Discovery and Enterprise boots are no longer available to Klingon Captains.


  • Added a new button to allow players to summon (transport) their Bridge Officers to their location.
  • Improved sorting of the Duty Officer Filter.
    • Positive and negative traits will sort to the top of the list.
  • Added a new option to the HUD to scale the size of buff icons on yourself.
  • Added a new option to the HUD to change the sort order of buffs on yourself.
  • Added several missing icons in the Colony World Holding.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing, “Improved Scientific Readiness”, to use Federation based icons when playing as a KDF or Romulan Captain.
  • Updated “Fragmentation Torpedo” debuff icon. 
  • Abilities of items that open stores (such as the "Claim Lockboxes" option on Master Keys) no longer appear on player trays or in the powers menu.
  • Starship Emotes will no longer be placed onto player trays by default.


  • The Age of Discovery Arc has been updated:
    • All non-Discovery captains now have all of the Discovery themed missions in one "Age of Discovery" arc in the journal.
      • This means they have one tab with seven entries; six missions and one TFO mission.
      • The separate Mirror of Discovery Arc has been removed due to this.
    • Discovery captains: Now have the “The Plausibility of the Possible” and “The Impossibility of Reason” at the beginning of their journal in "Age of Discovery”.
    • The “Mirror of Discovery” Arc has been renamed to "Return of Discovery."
  • Battle at the Binary Stars TFO has been removed from Task Force Operations list and will return as an event at a later date.
  • Infected: The Conduit:
    • There is now a 30 second mission briefing time before the queue begins
    • Adjusted the position of the spheres in the initial spawn
  • Resolved an issue that caused Into the Hive Elite and Hive Onslaught Elite to reward one Borg Neural Processor instead of two.


  • Elite Difficulty Updates:
    •  Increased the damage multipliers that are applied to the Energy Damage of NPCs on Elite difficulty.
      • This increase starts small at level 50, and works out to an approximate increase of 40% at level 65.
      • This increase has not been applied to Kinetic damage.
  • Resolved an issue in the Zen Store description for the TFO Commendation Buyout for Operation Riposte that listed the Terran Guerilla Armor as one of the prizes.
    • Corrected this to correctly list the Elite Defense Satellite Console instead.
  • Added a new Captain Ability at level 38: Relocate Mines.
    • Transports all of your Space Mines to an area around the target enemy ship, minimum distance 2km, maximum 5km. 10km Ability range, but mines may be relocated from anywhere on the map.
    • Our intent with this Captain Ability is to bring mines closer to other weapons in reliability without compromising the feel of a minefield.
    • This Captain Ability allows players to continue to make use of their mines after the battle has moved and gives us a balance lever to adjust this reliability in the future without having to tweak individual mines.
  • All Jackal Mastiffs will now attack and move much more quickly, and will move into their "sprint" state when closing distance with enemies.
    • Ensign and Lieutenant Rank Mastiffs will now execute flanking maneuvers.
  • Jackal Mastiff bite damage has been increased, but bleed chance decreased. Damage of the bleed has been increased to compensate for a reduction in duration.
    • This should make them feel more threatening, without having a significant increase on combat balance.
  • Resolved an issue that could occasionally cause certain weapons and abilities that apply periodic damage to apply more instances of damage than intended.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the damage modifiers on the Concentrated Tachyon Mine Launcher from increasing its shield damage.
  • Resolved an issue that could allow players to equip multiple variants of the Ablative Hazard Shielding console.
  •  Resolved an issue that caused Reroute Reserves to Weapons to prevent you from activating other weapon enhancing abilities for several seconds after it ended.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Reroute Reserves to Weapon's icon to be greyed out while it was active.
  • The Chromodynamic Armor can now be upgraded.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause some damage from Kemocite-Laced Weaponry to not be properly attributed.
  • Renamed the Elite Fleet Disruptor Dual Pistols to Elite Fleet Disruptor Dual Sniper Rifles to better match their functionality.
  • Resolved an issue that could allow players to open the pack for the Temporal Light Cruiser [T6], D7 Temporal Battlecruiser [T6], or T'Liss Temporal Warbird [T6] if they couldn't fly the starship.
    • For any players in this situation, the ships have been re-boxed in your inventory and can once again be traded or sold.
  • Resolved an issue that caused some Nano energy Cells to use incorrect ability icons.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Federation Type 2 Phaser from getting a modifier when upgraded to gold.
    • This fixes existing items.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Federation Type 2 Phaser Mk IV from being upgraded.
    • This fixes existing items.
  • The Federation Type 2 Phaser is now eligible for Re-Engineering.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Photon Torpedoes default equipped to some Discovery era Starships to use the incorrect icon.
  • Resolved several Photonic/Holographic Bridge Officers that were missing necessary Photonic-related data, which could cause unexpected interactions with hazardous environments.
  • Updated the description of the Soldier personal trait to indicate that it only affects ranged weapons. This is a tooltip change only.
  • The following consoles can now be equipped in Romulan Dyson Science Destroyers in addition to Warbirds:
    • Ablative Hazard Shielding (Romulan version).
    • Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator.
    • Ionized Particle Beam
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing all battleship-rank Klingon NPCs from having access to Cannon Scatter Volley above level 20, but instead having it below this level.
    • This was backwards, and these NPCs now gain access to this ability at 20 and do not lose it at higher levels.


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