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Star Trek Online

Introducing the Discovery Legends Reputation

By Ambassador Kael | Fri 03 May 2019 09:00:00 AM PDT

The Discovery Legends Expedition seeks to understand the pivotal events of the 2250s and the people those events revolved around. The consequences of this time continue to resonate through the galaxy today, and J’Ula has made it painfully clear that more secrets remain to be found. Separation of fact from myth is necessary. A mix of black market acquisitions, archeological expeditions, and defense industry research, this group seeks to catalogue and remember the facts of our history. 

This new reputation will be available with Rise of Discovery and will feature all new traits, kit modules, space equipment sets and a ground equipment set, as well as new ground armor and space visuals.


Submitting Discovery Marks will increase your standing with the Discovery Legends Expedition. These can be earned by participating in “Operation Riposte”, our newest queue, as well as participating in the “Peril Over Pahvo”, “Defense of Starbase One”, or “Pahvo Dissention” TFOs. These sources of marks have scaling rewards, increasing the number of Discovery Marks received by performing above expectations or completing bonus objectives.

P.stellaviatori Spores can be earned by participating in the Advanced and Elite versions of the “Operation Riposte” queue, as well as the “Peril Over Pahvo”, “Defense of Starbase One”, or “Pahvo Dissention” TFOs. P.stellaviatori Spores have been recovered from these areas, sourced from illicit traders, and even sometimes produced directly by the Mycelial Network. The Discovery Legends Expedition is attempting to acquire all such samples available, both for study and protective purposes. As such, the Discovery Legends Expedition rewards turning these fragments in when they can be recovered. In addition to all the gear that can be only be obtained with P.stellaviatori Spore Canisters, the Discovery Legends Expedition will also exchange Dilithium Ore for them.


Discovery Marks and P.stellaviatori Spore Canisters can be submitted for Reputation XP and new, high-quality gear acquisitions. Here are a few examples of the items which can be earned by advancing your standing in the Discovery Legends Expedition:


Stamets and Tilly’s Ingenuity (Space Set – 4 Pieces)

  • Non-Baryonic Matter Deflector Mk XII
    • This deflector array is optimized for survival, built to withstand both the rigors of active duty and the vagaries of eclectic engineers. It improves the Hull Capacity of the ship and provides additional resistance against damage from Torpedoes which improves based on the ship’s Hull Capacity. 
  • Mycelial Wave-Impulse Engines Mk XII
    • These Combat Impulse Engines operate very well on incidental power alone. Excess power is diverted automatically as needed, resulting in a boost to Engine Power outside combat and a boost to Shield Power inside combat. 
  • Mycelial Harmonic Matter-Antimatter/Singularity Core Mk XII
    • This warp core has been modified with a set of Mycelial conduits which wrap around the primary EPS conduits like vines on a trellis. Built on Field Stabilizing architecture, it improves Shield Power natively. The structural integrity field of the ship benefits greatly from this arrangement, and the ship receives a bonus to Hull Capacity based on the Shield Power level of the ship.
  • Tilly’s Review-Pending Modified Shield Mk XII
    • This shield was modified by an enterprising engineer in ways which have not technically passed safety inspections. The results are quite tempting – the excess energy flowing through the system improves the ship’s Hull Capacity by way of the structural integrity field. Further, the ship’s weapons carry a charge from passing through this shield, disrupting enemy shields based on the ship’s Shield Power.


Below are the set bonuses for this new space equipment set:

Stamets-Tilly Field Modifications Set Bonuses (Space)

  • Nothing is Lost Forever (2 piece) – Passive
    • Enormous bonus to in-combat Hull Regeneration (Hull Regeneration is based on Hull Capacity).
  • Mycelial Lightning (3 piece) - Passive
    • Your first Weapon Attack against each target triggers a blast of Mycelial energy, dealing damage based on your Hull Capacity.
  • The Power of Math (4 piece) – Active
    • To foes in an area centered on target foe:
    • Deal damage to enemies based on your Hull Capacity, divided by the number of targets hit.
    • Each foe hit provides a stacking Hull Capacity bonus to yourself, duration is permanent but the buff is cleared on map move.


Lorca’s Ambition (Space Weapon Set – 3 Pieces)

  • Dark Matter Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII
    • This Quantum Torpedo launcher has been infused with the unorthodox Dark Matter pellets collected by Captain Gabriel Lorca. Ships struck by this weapon begin to disintegrate, receiving damage over time that accumulates as more torpedoes impact its hull. When the torpedo critically strikes an enemy ship, twice as much damage over time is applied. If the ship is destroyed during this damage over time, it disintegrates completely. 
  • Phaser/Disruptor Wide Angle Dual Heavy Beam Bank Mk XII
    • This prototype weapon system is available in either Phaser or Disruptor configuration. Modeled after traditional Dual Beam Banks, it offers greater overall damage and Critical Severity, but is more cumbersome and slower to fire. 
  • Console – Tactical – Lorca’s Custom Fire Controls Mk XII
    • After the loss of the U.S.S. Buran, Captain Gabriel Lorca modified the U.S.S. Discovery with additional access to primary systems from the center chair. Fire control received special attention. This configuration allows for moderate increases to Weapon Power and Shield Penetration, and a very significant increase to Critical Chance.


Below are the set bonuses for this new space equipment set:

Lorca’s Ambition Set Bonuses (Space)

  • War Discretion (2 piece) – Passive
    • On critically striking, gain a stacking bonus to Critical Severity. 
  • But That’s Just the Beginning (3 piece) - Passive
    • Automatically launch one Dark Matter Quantum Torpedo at enemies who fall below 50% Health. Max one torpedo per second, no more than one torpedo per enemy.


 Burnham’s Resolve (Ground Set – 3 Pieces)

  • Burnham’s CQC Armor/Environmental Suit Mk XII
    • Available in both Armor and Environmental Suit configurations, this heavily modified piece of gear is optimized for movement by a Suus Manha master and hardened against harm both physical and mental. It improves its user’s Physical Damage and Run Speed, as well as providing robust protection against all forms of damage and a significant increase in Willpower.
    • Upon earning all three pieces of the Ground Set, you will be automatically granted a Costume Unlock for the purposes of displaying the unique visuals that accompany this armor.
  • Hostile Environment Shield Mk XII
    • Developed for situations of extreme adversity in close quarters combat, this shield releases explosively when it’s breached by incoming damage, Exposing and Slowing all nearby enemies. These optimizations have an incidental benefit of optimizing the shield’s raw capacity.

  • Mind Meld Device Mk XII

  • Cadet Sylvia Tilly and Specialist Michael Burnham created a device to enhance Burnham's connection to Ambassador Sarek. This device replicates many of the features of the Vulcan Mind Meld, albeit incompletely. Investigation for field usage by untrained personnel mostly produced dead-ends, with a notable exception -- the device seems to work well with simple motor skills and muscle memory graft techniques. Wielding the Mind Meld Device will grant a simplified version of Suus Manha to the wielder, greatly amplifying Martial Arts capability. 


  • Palm Strike is replaced with Engage, a very short recharge lunge that Roots enemies the first time it strikes them and Slows them on subsequent use.
  • Martial Arts Finishers are devastating, dealing massively improved damage and always either Exploiting or Exposing depending on which Finisher is used. (Weaving together Left and Right melee attacks into sequences of three attacks causes the third attack to be a Martial Arts Finisher. At least one attack from each category, Left and Right, must be used to create a Finisher.)


Below are the set bonuses for this new ground equipment set:

Burnham’s Resolve Set Bonuses (Ground)

  • Curiouser and Curiouser (2 piece) – Passive
    • Exploiting an Exposed enemy significantly reduces its Physical Resistance
  • Objects in Motion (3 piece) – Passive
    • Performing a Martial Arts Finisher restores Health and improves Kit Module recharge time



Kit Modules

  • Universal Kit Module – Mudd’s Time Device Mk XII
    • Places a buff on the user for an extended duration. During this time, lethal damage will instead cause the user to be returned at full Health to where they were when they activated the device. Also during this time, using any Kit Module will reduce the remaining recharge time of other Kit Modules by a portion of the used Kit Module's cooldown. Harcourt Fenton Mudd is not responsible for lost items, memories, jippers, or other negative consequences of any kind from use of this device. He is definitely responsible for positive consequences.
  • Universal Kit Module – Gravity Containment Unit Mk XII
    • Intended for industrial applications, this gravity containment unit has been modified for more rigorous field use. It forcefully pulls all enemies in an area toward the user, depositing them unceremoniously at the user's feet, dealing modest physical damage.



The Discovery Legends Expedition introduces the following new reputation traits:

Tier 1 – Ground

  • Airiam’s Augments
    • Improves your Damage Over Time and Area of Effect Damage Resistance.
  • Tyler’s Memories
    • Grants Bonus Weapon Damage based on your Distance to Target, improving the closer you are.

Tier 2 – Space

  • Airiam’s Efficiency
    • Improves your Damage Over Time and Area of Effect Damage Resistance.
  • Saru’s Grace
    • Applying Control abilities to enemy ships adds a stack of Saru’s Grace to your ship, improving Damage and Speed for a time.

Tier 3 – Ground

  • Landry’s Tenacity
    • Performing a Critical Hit cleanses one random debuff from you, with a brief cooldown.
  • Saru’s Vigor
    • Applying Control abilities to enemies adds a stack of Saru’s Grace to you, improving Damage and Speed for a time.

Tier 4 – Space

  • Landry’s Loyalty
    • Performing a Critical Hit cleanses one random debuff from you, with a brief cooldown.
  • Tyler’s Duality
    • Gain Critical Chance based off Hull Capacity.

Tier 5 – Space

  • Non-Baryonic Asteroid
    • Activating this trait will deploy an asteroid with unusual gravitational properties behind your ship, tethered by tractor beams. It follows behind your ship, pulling in all nearby enemies and dealing damage over time to them.


The Discovery Legends Expedition looks forward to your contributions to the cause of galactic understanding. If that cause should prove insufficient, this panoply of technology will no doubt sway even the hardest of hearts. Good hunting out there!

This reputation will be available with the launch of Rise of Discovery, and will be available for testing on Tribble soon. All abilities and items found here are subject to change.

Jonathan “20thCenturyFaux” Herlache

Systems Designer

Star Trek Online

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