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Star Trek Online

Foundry Spotlight: [AEI] In Silence

By Ambassador Kael | Fri 01 Mar 2019 11:00:00 AM PST

Foundry Spotlight: [AEI] In Silence

The Foundry is a special program within Star Trek Online that allows users to make their own episodes, playable by other Captains within STO. To access it, open your Mission Journal, and select “Foundry,” at the top. Every now and then, we like to spotlight a particularly interesting or unique mission for all of you to experience. This time, we’re spotlighting “[AEI] In Silence” by Starfarertheta.

In Silence is part of an initiative called the Alliance Exploration Initiative, created by fan podcast The Foundry Roundtable. The goal was to create missions based around exploration, not just combat. In Silence takes you on a mission to meet up with a very demanding ambassador, which quickly goes off course and becomes an exploration of a long-dead space station, full of interesting and wonderful surprises. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue choices in the mission, allowing you to play your Captain as logical or emotional as you please.

Please keep in mind that to play this mission, you will need an environment suit equipped. And if you get lost, press V.

I greatly enjoyed my time playing In Silence, and I think you will, too. You can access it in the “Spotlight” section of the Foundry tab, in the Mission Journal.


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