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Star Trek Online

Updates to Anti-Fraud Measures

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 28 Feb 2019 07:00:00 AM PST

In order to further reduce the impact of fraud and gold-seller behavior on game economies, we are refining detection systems that are currently in place in both Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. These systems identified potential problem cases and permanently bound tradeable items to the player account. For instance, if a lockbox key or a package with a collection of items was purchased, all contents of these items would also become account bound.


To improve the player experience, we are implementing a change so that such binding will no longer be permanent. Instead, these items will be bound to account for a limited duration, shown by a countdown timer. After this, the items will become tradeable. If you do not see the countdown timer, the item is permanently bound to account by design. You can tell if an item has this timer in your game UI as per the images below:



This update will be implemented across all platforms for both Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. We plan to adjust the sensitivity of the system over time to minimize the impact on our legitimate customers. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your patience in this matter.

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