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Star Trek Online

Mirror of Discovery: Para Pecum

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 09 Jan 2019 09:00:00 AM PST

Nearly four centuries ago the Vulcan people visited the planet Pahvo in the Beta Quadrant and made first contact with the living planet’s unified species. The Pahvans, as they came to be known, showed a singular tranquility that was the envy of the Vulcan people. The logic of the Vulcans concluded that much could be learned from the Pahvans, if only communication could be established.

A century later the U.S.S. Discovery came to Pahvo in the hopes of utilizing the planet’s resonating song to aid them in their war with the Klingon Empire. The Pahvans, knowing only peace, sought to aid their galactic brothers and sisters by inviting the Klingons to join them and find peace. For their efforts the Pahvans were nearly destroyed. An understanding began to form, albeit on troubling foundations.

Now, a century and a half later, the Vulcan Science Academy has lost contact with our researchers on Pahvo. The Pahvan song, resonating through subspace, has gone disturbingly silent. Some hypothesize that we have succeeded in our endeavor to achieve a mutual understanding with the Pahvans, and that, logically, they have concluded that communication with other species is futile. But my people are not known to be satisfied with hypothesis alone. It is in pursuit of facts that I ask for the assistance of your ship, and your crew, to take us to Pahvo and discover the truth. – Chief Scientist Somat of the Vulcan Science Academy

Journey to Pahvo in the Beta Quadrant and discover what breakthroughs have transpired in the century and a half since the U.S.S. Discovery’s visit that have caused the singing planet to fall silent.

“Para Pacem” is the first new episode of Mirror of Discovery, our 9th Anniversary Update. The mission will be available to 2410 Federation, Original Series Federation, Klingon, Jem'Hadar and Romulan Captains after the Gamma Quadrant missions, and to Discovery Federation characters after the mission “Downfall.”


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