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Star Trek Online

The Age of Discovery Starter Pack!

By Ambassador Kael | Fri 05 Oct 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

Beginning with the release of our Age of Discovery update, we will be offering a new way to get a jump start in your career as a Starfleet Cadet. Aimed directly at players wishing to experience the new Discovery-era content with a bit of a leg-up, this package offers a few unique rewards designed to do exactly that!

Contained within the Age of Discovery Starter Pack will be the following terrific items:

  • 12 Additional Inventory Slots
  • 1x Large (150,000) Experience Bonus Pool
  • Discovery-era Phaser Sniper Rifle
  • Discovery-era Phaser Stun Bolt Pistol
  • Tardigrade Vanity Pet
  • Walker-class Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser A brand new scaling starship!

This new variant of the Walker-class represents our first foray into the concept of a scaling starship. Available for use as soon as it can be purchased – as early as leaving the Tutorial – it will offer Hull and Shield values that continue to scale up with you as you continue your career. In this way, it offers you the choice to not need to trade out your ship until you are more comfortable with the game, and have a deeper understanding of what such an important choice means to your gameplay experience. This starship will scale in this manner until you reach Level 30, at which point it will be comparable to any other C-Store purchased Tier 4 vessel. (** Complete stats will be published at the end of this dev blog.)

The experience bonus and inventory slots may only be claimed once, and those items will be bound to the character that first claims it. However, the Discovery-era weapons and the vanity pet offered in this bundle may be reclaimed separately from the C-Store, affording your other characters the option of utilizing weapons that use the unique visuals recently seen on-screen. This special promotional weaponry is also designed to scale with you as you level up, until level 50 at which point it is roughly equivalent to a Mk XI item. You may continue to upgrade them beyond that point using Tech Upgrades in the same manner as other weaponry. The scalable Walker starship is an account unlock.

This new Starter Pack will be available on the C-Store for a limited time at an introductory price of only 750 Zen.

But act fast!

This introductory special pricing will expire soon, after which the pack will return to its normal price of 1500 Zen. Even at this price point, the pack’s contents are valued at more than twice that!

Walker-class Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser

The Walker-class is one of the powerhouses leading the Federation into the future, designed to be effective in as wide a variety of missions as Starfleet needs.

This starship will scale its stats up with your level, until you reach level 30.

When commissioned, this starship has its power settings pre-arranged for ship-to-ship combat, with the bulk of its energy set to power your energy weapons. This may be adjusted freely.

Ship Details

  • Tier: Scaling
    • Hull and Shield values adjust as your level increases
  • Faction: Federation
  • Rank Required: Must complete the Tutorial
  • Hull Strength: Hull Strength: 1.15
    • 11,500 at level 1
    • 17,250 at level 10
    • 23,000 at level 20
    • 28,750 at level 30
  • Shield Modifier: 1.1
  • Fore Weapons: 4
  • Aft Weapons: 3
  • Device Slots: 4
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Science, 1 Lieutenant Engineering
  • Console Modifications: 2 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 9
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.15
  • Inertia: 30
  • +5 Weapon Power, +5 Shield Power, +5 Engine Power, +5 Auxiliary Power
  • Console - Universal – Cyclical Polarity Modulator
  • Cruiser Communications Array
    • Command - Strategic Maneuvering
    • Command - Shield Frequency Modulation
    • Command - Weapon System Efficiency
    • Command - Attract Fire


Admiralty Stats

  • ENG: 44
  • SCI: 14
  • TAC: 14

Console – Universal – Cyclical Polarity Modulator

The Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser comes equipped with a Console – Universal – Cyclical Polarity Modulator. By continuously adjusting the modulation of the ship's shield polarity, you can cause your ship's shielding and hull to become highly resistant to impacts, making them much better able to withstand kinetic damage. Additionally, the rapid polarity modulation causes the shields to absorb ambient energy as the modulation briefly matches that of the incoming energy, causing your ship shields to heal for a small portion of incoming damage. However, the strain that this places on your ship cannot be sustained forever, and eventually your shields must return to normal rates of remodulation.

This console may be equipped in any console slot, and on any starship, but only one may be equipped at a time.

(** all ship stats and details subject to change!)


Q:  Can Klingons, Federation-Allied Romulans or Federation-Allied Dominion characters purchase this bundle, or reclaim the weaponry?

A:  They cannot purchase the bundle, as most of the contents are gated specifically to the Federation primary allegiance. If purchased on a Federation character, these characters will be allowed to reclaim the weaponry separately.

Q:  Do the Bridge Officer seats or other inventory slots scale with level on the Walker-class Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser?

A:  No – you will have the full inventory and seats available on this ship as soon as it is commissioned, regardless of your current rank. However, higher rank Bridge Officer seats may only be utilized by crewmen that have been promoted to the appropriate rank.

Q:  Does this version of the Walker-class offer any new customization options, apart from the existing T6 version already in-game?

A:  It does not offer anything new, but instead maintains the screen-accurate esthetic already established.

Q:  Is there a Discovery-era bridge or interior?

A:  This ship comes with the Walker Class interior, like the T6 version of the ship. 

Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Lead Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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