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Star Trek Online

Ascend to a New Level of Reputation!

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 03 Sep 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

Introducing Tier VI Reputations!

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our reputation system, Tier VI! With the new Tier comes new powerful and useful rewards. 

Our Tier VI additions focused on expanding on an already extensive number of options for Captains. Things such as, alternate energy type weapons, new vanity shield coloration options and improved reputation traits are some of the rewards you can expect.

We didn’t want to just give power and variety though. With the release of Tier VI reputations we will also be streamlining the process of reputation sponsorship. Reaching Tier V of any reputation will now automatically sponsor that reputation for your account. That’s not all though, for every Tier 6 reputation that a player achieves they will be able to claim a Fleet Ship Module and a Retrain Token. We didn’t want to give all of these options without making it easier to try new things out.

Reaching Tier VI in each Reputation will immediately grant you the following benefits for that Reputation:

  • Improved Traits!
    • Increase the effectiveness of each Reputation Trait
  • Improved Set Weapon Damage!
    • Increase the damage inflicted by Reputation Set Weapons
  • Social Zone Ability!
    • Brag to your friends about your progress by activating a new Ability that displays dramatic visual FX for each Tier VI Reputation you have achieved.


There will also be new Tier VI Reputation Projects available in each Reputation, to obtain additional rewards:

  • Account-Wide Reputation Gear Discount!
    • Reduce the project costs for all future Reputation Gear projects for every character on your account (does not affect Elite Mark requirements).
  • Alternate Energy Types!
    • Obtain new Energy Type variants (ie, phaser, disruptor, etc) for each Set Weapon
  • Alternate Vanity Shield Visuals!
    • Obtain new color-tinted variants of your favorite existing Shield Visuals.
  • Premium Items!
    • Once-per-character, you may claim a Fleet Ship Module and a Captain Skills Retrain Token, per Reputation that you get to Tier VI.


In addition to all of these rewards, the reputation UI will be undergoing improvements to make it clearer to understand and display the information you need in a better fashion.

We hope you enjoy the new rewards that come with progressing to Reputation Tier VI, but more important than that, we hope that you enjoy being able to experience a variety of Task Force Operations on your journey to Tier VI!


Matthew “CulturedSoup” Campbell

Staff Systems Designer

Star Trek Online

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